Beyond the Veil: When Reality Flashes Off!

Creation Awareness Consciousness 2 min read , October 8, 2023

Welcome to another episode of the World of Empowerment Video Podcast, your go-to source for intriguing and thought-provoking content about reality. In this episode Ahonu shares a captivating experience from his recent trip to Phoenix, AZ, where he questioned the very fabric of existence.

Exploring the concept of flashes in and out of reality, he contemplates the need to continuously recreate certain sensations to validate their existence. Could it be that our perceived reality is not as real as we think? He invites you to share your own insights and experiences on this intriguing topic.

Here is the transcript: Aingeal Rose and I spent the last weekend in Phoenix, Arizona, and we were there babysitting the grandkids. And there was a moment when the children were playing on the floor of the kitchen, when I had the strangest sensation that they weren't really there, or that they were there one moment and they weren't there the next. It was very hard to describe, because it was doing battle with my common sense understanding of reality in my own head.

How can that possibly be reality? I think now, in hindsight, now that we're back in Sedona, what was happening was a flashing in and a flashing out of reality. Aingeal Rose pointed out that this is quite a common occurrence, but for me it was very unusual.

Over the last few days, I began to think more and more about that. Were the children really there? Were they not really there? Was I really there? And I began to think about the various times in my life when something similar like that would have occurred, but not in the same graphic way. For example, many people would be aware of the sexual desire that when it's satisfied for men, especially five minutes later, it's like, did that really happen? Our constant need to validate reality has us saying, “I gotta do that again just to prove it was real.”

The same thing, I think, may be true for any kind of powerful sensation that we have. We've seen this with serial killers, for example, who go on to kill again because of the need for that same sensation that they felt the first time. Now, I don't know that for sure, I'm just speculating, but it seems that it's like being creatures of habit or it's like we have to recreate the same feeling or belief over and over again to prove to ourselves that we are in a reality that is real, and that's why we have to do it over and over again to prove to ourselves that it is real. But perhaps the truth is it's not real at all. These flashes are showing us that what we are creating in every moment here and now, is not the real reality.

So it's just a few thoughts that I needed to record because as I say, I'm engaging with it myself and trying to make sense of it. And if any of you have any ideas about what that is or what that was or have had similar experiences, we'd love to hear.

So until next time, blessings from myself, Ahonu, and from Aingeal Rose.

Reality, some ideas about it, by Ahonu & Aingeal Rose
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