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Akashic Awareness Life 8 min read , February 28, 2022

We are in a paradigm split and going through the death throes of leaving the old world. We’ve been called upon to let go of many things. For some people, it’s simply cleaning up the house. For others, it’s a big deal. They’re moving house, they’re ending relationships, they’re quitting jobs. The human community is in chaos. There’s a lot wrong with our world as we have learned to perceive it.

Reflections in Consciousness is a World of Empowerment Community

Many people are confused about the future and where we go from here? However, the one consistent thing they feel is they’re being called to come closer to Spirit. They’re called to be more connected, to be together in spiritual community. How do you do that? How do you go through these changes and let go of old structures, memories, beliefs, and everything that involves?

It is a death process. I experienced it in 2019. I was told by Spirit, we’re in it now, we’re in the great cleanse. It showed me how illusory the outer world was and how much based on death it is, death in all its forms. That nothing on Earth lasts forever, that people are in deep grief about the losses in their lives, that the human community is collapsing around them, and they don’t know what to do. Every client over the last couple of years asked me what’s going on? People want to know, why did I move to Australia, why did I marry him or her? What’s going on in my job? Why is my life so chaotic? It’s because we are being asked to choose which paradigm we want to be in our future.

Community of Empowerment with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Source said, there’s only two choices. You’re in the old death paradigm or you’re in the eternal love paradigm. There’s no in-between. It’s that distinct and that drastic. Decide which paradigm you want to live in because the Earth is splitting. And wherever you decide to be, that’s where you’ll end up.

We're in the death process.

Of course, I chose the eternal life paradigm. What I didn’t recognize was what the process was like in that choice. I started having vivid memories of things I didn’t even know I remembered. It could have been something as simple as playing with dad when I was small. And then I went through re-experiencing all the people who died in my life, in great detail, moment by moment. It flooded me with memories of the tragedies I’ve gone through.

It's time to choose. Our community will help you.

I finally said to Source, what’s this all about? Source said, well, when you choose the eternal love paradigm, anything that’s not like it comes up out of your cells. And that’s all of our memories from this life and past lives. It all has to be cleaned and cleared out of ourselves. We’re talking about a total regeneration of our bodies and our human community. That threw me into a type of paralysis. For about two years, I went incognito. I’ve been hiding out, if you will, because after seeing the illusion of the way we’ve been living, I just couldn’t find any motivation for creating anything new in the future. I thought, anything I try to manifest is just going to be another form of the same illusion. So, I just waited. When I get like that, all I can do is wait, and it’s taken me this long!

A lot of things have changed. We were in California but I’m now living in Prescott, Arizona, with Ahonu. Prescott is a lovely place. It’s a friendly, open community. People aren’t crazy with all the mandates and restrictions, but before coming here, we gave away two houses full of furniture and clothes and many personal things. It was the most drastic, deepest clearing of my life in all forms.

We recovered ourselves, and are now prepared for the bigger changes to come. We regrouped and reclaimed ourselves by turning our lives over to Source. It was not only a practical thing to do; it was necessary. We just surrendered our lives entirely to Source. Every morning we wake up and we say, what will Source have us do today?

Ahonu offered free help to the community

Practicing surrender has evolved into very interesting, loving things, such as what Ahonu did by offering anybody who needed help to get on the phone. The whole day we helped people for free, and wouldn’t you know, our day was full of meetings with the most delightful people!

That’s also why I created “Reflections In Consciousness”. I clearly got the message from Source that it’s time to build relationships. It’s time to get connected to people, to create a World of Empowerment community. Since many people have been asking how to get reconnected to Spirit, I thought, with all the different spiritual things I’ve learned to do over the years, the different ways I’ve gotten connected, different exercises, meditation techniques - I would create a monthly program where we’d all meet online and do these things together in an online community.

World of Empowerment community

The first month is an open Akashic records session with Source. We’re going to get an update from Source on the world, the status of things, to look at the big picture of what’s going on and what’s needed of us individually and collectively. I will answer questions anybody wants to ask of Source. This will give us a good heads up on what we’re looking at and where we should be going.

The following month, we’ll do something different, depending on the information we get from Source. Knowing where everybody is, where they’d like to go, and how they’d like to end up will help us listen to each other’s problems and support each other interactively. We are building a community of people who are of like mind, or who are going through the whole cleanse. After that, we might go into some journaling exercises. Journaling removes blocks and helps answer questions like, how do I reconcile my past? How do I forgive myself and others? We’ll do forgiveness exercises together, as a group. That might be a meditation, it might be a journaling exercise about forgiving. It might be something else, depending on what Source wants us to do. In that way, we’ll go month-to-month, surrendering to be guided to get closer to ourselves, to release the past, and speed up our connection with our inner selves.

We have an opportunity to evolve

We will jump into other dimensions through quantum jumping and discover different parts of ourselves. Maybe we’ll go to our future self. Or, we’ll decide to go to a past self to reconcile it. Maybe we want some sort of healing, and we will connect to higher groups of beings. But it’s all designed to get you used to communicating with your inner self and with your higher mind. We’re looking for the higher mind because this is where we need to go in this new world that we create.

There will be months when we do some Chakra work in order to find out what we’re doing internally. We might also activate DNA at different times. I’ve just created a book of Tarot spreads for anybody who’s into Tarot, and they’re deep spreads that involve looking deeply into parts of ourselves and reconciling that, and transforming it. If you’re not keen on reading cards or you’ve never done it, there’s an easy way to do that, which, when you join our community, I’ll teach you.

Because we’ve been living in a death paradigm, we have designed everything about our belief structures, around death principles. These are not only physically dying, but sicknesses, guilt, blame, self loathing, punishment - anything like that is part of the old paradigm. And you know what? It’s wired into our anatomy. So, there’s a lot of work to do in undoing all these beliefs so that we can be free to be our true I AM presences. That’s what this program does.

Consciousness community with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

There are many ways to get close to yourself. You don’t have to just be a meditator. I will teach many powerful transformative techniques about forgiveness. There’s manifesting, there’s expanding consciousness into knowledge beyond perception. There are even ways of writing to unravel old experiences in your life that need to be transformed into a new reality.

All these exercises and techniques bring us closer to our inner selves, which is where Source is asking us to go. It’s no longer about the outer world, but it’s about our inner world. Source said to me one day, did you remind them that there is no world? There is no outer world apart from our consciousness.

Choose the World of Empowerment community

If we don’t like the quality of what’s being manifested in front of us, it’s up to us to change it. So, our goal is to go month-to-month, coming together as a community, coming together with the process of change and how it’s manifesting in our lives. It is self-discovery in a deep, meaningful way.

The Reflections in Consciousness meetups are on the first Saturday of every month at 11:00 am MTS. You’ll get a link each month with the topic that will let you attend online securely. The cost is $22 a month, and you can cancel whenever you want. But I hope you don’t, because it’s an ongoing, progressive learning process, a deepening, getting close that’s based on honesty and self-discovery.

It’ll be challenging, but fun, interesting and empowering!

This new program is like a progressive development of our service to humanity. Ahonu and I are overjoyed to be here right now, just as it is a privilege and a joy to help people be the best of themselves and to be the shining lights we all are. This program is allowing us to help you with all the gifts and abilities we have, and we look forward to sharing them with you. It’s time to establish relationships with each other - it’s time to build our community - it’s time to learn about our inner selves and become greater beings, which we all know we are internally!

Join us - click here! See you soon. Thanks and bye for now.

The World of Empowerment Community
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