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Crowdfunding Life 2 min read , November 27, 2021

SPECIAL Launch Announcement!

Twin Flame University

Twin Flame University is launching on 2-11-22

We invite you to become a Founding Member of Twin Flame University, and we have an amazing deal for you, if you would be interested in... a deal that will...

  • increase your psychic & intuitive abilities
  • advance your spiritual growth
  • seek out higher knowledge, love and compassion
  • help you help others achieve their life's purpose
  • deepen your understanding of God/Source

We'd love to give you the chance to become a founding member at a discounted price before we open the doors on 2-11-22. Founding members get everything for supporting us in these early days before launch to the public.

Students of Twin Flame University discover...

  • how to access your past lives
  • see your soul contract and your life's purpose
  • uncover karmic patterns in your relationships
  • understand your mission
  • know the family you were born into and why
  • check how you are growing as a soul
  • forgive and clear old vows, oaths, and negative patterns
  • spot health issues and karmic imprints from other lives

Many practitioners begin with these very courses, and you can too!

To access EVERYTHING FOR LIFE at BEGINNER level is $6,000, but you won't pay that, and besides, it will never be offered again, even at that price.

To access EVERYTHING FOR LIFE at INTERMEDIATE level is $12,000, but you won't pay that either.

To access EVERYTHING FOR LIFE at ADVANCED level is $20,000, but you won't have to pay that either!

Take advantage of this early bird offer and become a founder member of Twin Flame University for life for only...

One payment of $3,000 for BEGINNER FOUNDER MEMBERS for life!

Twin Flame University

It's only one payment of $6,000 for INTERMEDIATE FOUNDER MEMBERS for life, and it's only one payment of $9,000 for ADVANCED FOUNDER MEMBERS for life!

Which sure beats $50,000.00, which is what you would otherwise pay if you invested separately in all the resources you get inside the University, even at the beginner level.

The lifetime options will never again be available at this price. Many other options will be going away as we approach the launch date of 2-11-22. Get all this content now and access it FOR LIFE.

All the content in Twin Flame University is from years of research and presented through thousands of profound statements, hundreds of sessions, miles of transcripts, months of listening, and lifetimes of learning.

Get this special early bird launch option right now...

Click here for Beginner Level Founder Member of Twin Flame University.

Click here for Intermediate Level Founder Member of Twin Flame University.

Click here for Advanced Level Founder Member of Twin Flame University.

Blessings and bye for now!

Twin Flame University

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