Twin Flame University conceived at sunrise!

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Twin Flame University with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Hi, I am Ahonu and along my wonderful Aingeal Rose, we launch the conception of Twin Flame University with this most glorious sunrise this morning. I want to invite you to this wonderful journey. It's the eve of Aingeal Rose's birthday on 11-11 and it's significant for a lot of reasons. Many people are seeing 1111 all over the place and have been for the last number of years.

Indeed, we've made many podcasts and videos about it over the years. What's happening, though, is something that's very profound and very significant. And that is, we're very close to the birth tomorrow on 11-11 of Twin Flame University. It has been in the womb ever since we met, actually. Aingeal Rose and I because we have produced hundreds and hundreds of hours of video and podcasts and content of every kind, including profound statements from the Akashic Records, 100 books of answers from the Akashic Records all kinds of amazing content to do with self-help, growth of awareness, consciousness, ascension, and everything to do with spirituality.

And that is what Twin Flame University is all about and what IS going to be all about.

Twin Flame Library with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

And that's the content that we want to bring to you in the form of Twin Flame University. Now, today, being the eve, almost the 11-11 of Aingeal Rose's birthday, we've challenged ourselves to put this all together and launch on my birthday, which is 2-11-22. Now what's awesome about this is that Aingeal Rose's birthday and 11-11 is 22. My birthday is 2-11, which is 22, the launch of Twin Flame University will be on 2-11-22, which are 22s, 44s, wonderful master numbers.

11-11 with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

So, we would be launching Twin Flame University on 2-11-22. I was born in house number 22 and these numbers have been following us all our lives and we've now realized that this is what we must do to bring to the world, Twin Flame University, and we pray and hope that you will join us and benefit from this wonderful, amazing content that we have amassed over the years. So, we look forward to having you with us.

You can become a patron. You can join on different levels; on beginner, intermediate, advanced, depending on where you're at in your spiritual journey. There will be more information about all of this as the weeks and months follow before our launch on 2-11-22.

Like the sunrise, that's what's rising in us for you, to brighten your day, brighten the world, and we look forward to you being with us.
Twin Flame University homepage with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
The homepage of Twin Flame University

And finally, and further to this launch announcement, I want to extend a really deep and special thank you to all our friends who supported us all through the years, reading our content, watching our videos, supporting us financially in all kinds of different ways. Especially to Kimberly Dawn for her support of us and her belief in us, and to Clayton Tanner and his bride to be, beautiful, beautiful Michelle, thank you.

And thanks to all of you, we extend a blessing and thank you for being with us on this launch of Twin Flame University. So until then, blessings from myself Ahonu and from Aingeal Rose.

Twin Flame University launch by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
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