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In the midst of our fast-paced world, filled with technology and constant stimuli, we find ourselves yearning for a sanctuary—a place where we can retreat to heal, grow, and transform. Imagine if this sanctuary existed not just in the physical realm but within us, accessible at any time. Welcome to the Temple of Healing Light, a powerful, deeply healing, and sacred journey that invites you to create such a sanctuary within yourself.

The Temple of Healing Light is presented by Mildred Ryan and hosted by the World of Empowerment.
The Temple of Healing Light is presented by Mildred Ryan and hosted by the World of Empowerment - more info here.

What is the Temple of Healing Light?

The Temple of Healing Light is more than just a metaphorical space. It represents a sacred container woven from the highest frequencies of divine light and love. This temple is built upon the foundation of your Higher Self's light, your divine blueprint for perfect health, and enriched with healing energy directly from the heart of God. Within its walls, you are nurtured by light, love, and guidance from Angels, Saints, Ascended Masters, and your own inner intelligence.

Imagine a place where every aspect of your being—mind, body, and spirit—can be healed. A place where you merge with your Higher Self and become enveloped in divine light. This temple strengthens the great love and light within you while bringing it into conscious awareness.

Nurturing Your Soul Within the Sacred Temple

Creating your Temple of Healing Light involves connecting to divine frequencies that support you on all levels. As you continue to work within this sacred space, these frequencies elevate further to assist as you raise your vibration and undergo transformation.

Strengthening Connection with Divine Essence

The first step in nurturing your soul involves strengthening your connection with your divine essence. This connection allows you access to deep wellsprings of love, joy, wisdom within yourself—guiding you towards aligning with your soul's purpose. By expanding your consciousness and evolving into who you truly are meant to be, you accelerate on your journey towards enlightenment.

Aligning with Your Divine Blueprint for Healing

Your divine blueprint holds the key to perfect health at all levels. By aligning with this blueprint within your Temple of Healing Light, you support bodily healing while re-patterning cells and DNA towards purity. This alignment also extends healing light across chakras and energy meridians while flushing out impurities from thoughts and emotions—bringing about unity with your Higher Self.

Healing Emotional Turmoil

Within this sacred space, focus on dissolving worries or emotional turmoil related to life challenges or relationships difficulties. Insights received here guide graceful navigation through challenges towards positive outcomes for all involved.

Sending Waves of Love

Finally, extend waves of love from within your temple outward—to others, all life forms on Earth—helping soothe conflicts or despair globally. Your actions contribute towards creating a harmonious world where happiness thrives alongside mutual healing and care for one another.


The Temple Of Healing Light offers more than just personal transformation; it provides tools for contributing positively toward global harmony. Through engagement in practices that strengthen our connection to divine essence, we align with our perfect blueprint, and dissolve emotional turmoil. In doing so, we not only heal ourselves but send ripples of healing throughout the world.

By inviting each one of us into this transformative journey toward building our own Temples Of Healing Light we embrace an opportunity not just for profound personal growth, but for actively participating in shaping a brighter future for all living beings on our planet.

So, go here to get more information on how to create your own temple of healing light. Blessings and bye for now,

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