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Creation Life Publishing Books Consciousness 2 min read , January 28, 2023

Here's what we're creating for you in Feb '23

1. Aingeal Rose & Ahonu are guests on the Reinvent Yourself Summit on Spirituality & Money Feb 3rd-7th. So many 'spiritual' people are living their lives financially broke! They have weird and even icky feelings around money, so they stay spiritually rich while constantly stressing about money. On the flip side, many 'rich' people ignore their spiritual development. This path often leads to their body's breaking down, ruined relationships with those who matter the most, and ultimately, a complete lack of fulfillment. The thing is, you can have abundance in both! Register here:

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu at the Reinvent Yourself Summit

2. Aingeal Rose & Ahonu have 2 new books coming out very soon. The first is by Aingeal Rose called The Book Of Manifesting. More to follow on this, but you will want to get your copy the moment we announce its release!

Aingeal Rose's Book of Manifesting

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu are also publishing OMG You're So 3D by Shiloh Russo Stone. More details to follow on this one, but it will hit the shelves mid-Feb.

3. Reflections In Consciousness is happening next Saturday 4th Feb. Aingeal Rose will be opening the Akashic Records and consulting with Source on how It would like us to contribute to the future of the Earth. Members will receive their link to join during the week. To become a member, click here:

Reflections In Consciousness with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

4. Our good friend @LindaMorse sent us info about a video she watched the other night called The 1 Field. She said it was the best movie she's watched in a long, long time. Based on HeartMath and other spiritual groups, it has won 7 awards. We watched it and it is heart-warming and uplifting. Watch it for free here: before they start charging for it.

5. Ahonu will begin his Book Writing Workshop in February. Dates and pricing are still being finalized and those who voiced their interest will be notified by Monday. If you missed our last notice about it, just reply to this email to let us know you are interested and we'll all you to the notification list. (Please note, the graphic below is not the correct one. The new one is currently being redesigned.)

6. Finally, Aingeal Rose is resuming her bi-monthly Group Akashic Records sessions starting next week. More info to follow on this shortly.

That's all the news for now. We love you and look forward to speaking to you again soon. Blessings and bye for now!

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
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