Surviving The Micronova

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This Train Is On The Tracks for a micronova in the next few decades!

Surviving The Micronova: This Train Is On The Tracks

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu just published this book for author Allen Heart. At the end of his first book, Dancing a Quantum Dreamβ€”A Shamanic/Gnostic Journey he warned that β€œthe train is on the tracks.” That was a strange way for him to leave it, but within the next few decades, we will see a micronova of our sun, reversal of our magnetosphere, unlocking of the crust and/or tilt of the earth, tsunamis that sweep across continents, major earthquakes and volcanoes, and the extinction of 10-50% of species. Human civilization will be hard hit because of our vulnerability due to extreme dependence on our technology, especially electricity.

This book, Surviving The Micronova: This Train Is On The Tracks, is critical for our time period. The North Pole is nearly in Siberia, still in the Arctic ocean, headed for the Bay of Bengal. South Pole has left Antarctica. headed north. First Horseman of the Apocalypse is in the sky (the brilliant white sun). Next, the Sun will turn red then black. At that point, you have 17 hours to seek shelter. Some experts say it will happen in the next decade or two. Time enough for people to prepare... or not.

Surviving The Micronova: This Train Is On The Tracks

The outer planets have already started their journey through the galactic current sheet and Pluto lost its atmosphere, weather on Neptune has reversed, winds on Venus have increased and in the red spot of Jupiter, X-rays and radio signals from Mars show increased seismic activity. Our Sun has begun the initial stages leading to the accumulation of a shell that will eventually be blasted our way in a micronova. The magnetosphere of the sun is changing, increasing Helium in the corona and solar wind. The increase in interstellar dust signals we are now in the galactic current sheet.

Nearby stars that follow us in the journey, Proxima Centauri and Barnards have flared or become more active. The last one was 12,000 years ago. We may or may not understand the stories from the time of Goibekli Tepe at the beginning of the current human civilization, but we will get a closeup and personal experience from a micronova this time.

If you are concerned about the future, it is important to get this book. It is on Amazon and can be ordered from any bookstore or library, worldwide!

Surviving The Micronova: This Train Is On The Tracks

The author says, β€œMy Poetry is Gnostic. I've used it to unfold Gnosticism, the original Christian teachings from the 1st Century before it became the church of empire and went politically ape in the quest for power, with inquisition, murder, genocide, and deicide. The church made it necessary to hide documents in vases in the desert. But my focus is on the secrets that were never intended to be secrets, hidden in plain insight.”

Allen Heart goes on to say, β€œWHO we are is Consciousness of God before we chose to be born into this 4D world to experience, consciously... and when the body, our vehicle, is disabled and inoperative, we return to pure consciousness for the rest of eternity. That I am affirming in poetry, quantum physics, and lucid learning through shamanic drumming, meditation, and T'ai Chi in preparation for the cataclysm that awaits us.”

β€œWe've survived a micronova since we showed up in the fossil record over 100,000-years ago. That's just the package in which we're delivered. But with that package (WHAT we are) comes intelligent consciousness (WHO we are). Quantum physicists noticed that matter-waves would only show up in physical form in the presence on an intelligent observer. Even without being conscious of what we do, we are co-creators through our consciousness (WHO we are). We create the physical universe through our consciousness, WHO that makes "WHAT", matter-waves, matterβ€”not through our knowing, but through our being.”

With necessary preparation, we can survive the coming micronova again. Find what's going on and how to prepare in this book!

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