#11 All deceptions in relationships...

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All deceptions in relationships... is the 11th of 4,000 profound statements from the Akashic Records by Aingeal Rose. The statements come from a series of Akashic Records sessions held in Ireland and the USA over several years, starting in 2013. The transcripts from these sessions became the 100-book Answers From The Akashic Records series (https://links.ahonu.com/aftar).

All deceptions in relationships... Answers From The Akashic Records with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

The 11th statement says,

β€œAll deceptions in relationships create karma.”

Relationships questions in Answers From The Akashic Records with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Q: What advice can Source give us about relationships and family problems?

A: This will have to be a general answer, I suppose. So the first thing Source is saying about families specifically, is families are always... they always come together for numerous reasons. And you have to look at the soul imprint of the family and the people involved to see what the relationships truly are. But usually people closest to you are your testing ground. They are the ways that you get a basic foundation for your life, what you create, by the way. You set it all up before hand. So, they are really just the the steppingstones to get you to an adult where you can now use the world as your testing grounds. But the relationships you have with family are usually the most difficult ones in terms of testing your beliefs, getting your feet wet, seeing where you want to go, feeling things out to see if they are acceptable or not.

You are developing your own sense of self through your family. And again, ultimately it comes to the decision of, you know, is this compatible with who you think you would like to be or not. And so, families are always the hardest challenges because they raise you up with a basic belief structure. And that may not suit you as you move down the road and things shift for you. So, they're testing grounds. Family relationships are testing grounds. Are there other parts of the question?

Q: Yes. About what is Source's of advice about dealing with family problems?

A: Well, families are interesting because people are loyal to families. And even if what's going on is not positive, there's still an unconscious loyalty on levels that we have with family members. Like I say, they are testing grounds in terms of you developing your own self, and what that means to you, and whether your family resonates or not with that, isn't so much the issue. It's how do you maintain your own sense of self, and still possibly share experiences with family members. It's that a prophet is not always welcome in its homeland, you know. I view family relationships as initiations in our lives, you know, because they are the people that we're the most loyal to, whether we like the personalities involved or not. It does still come back to what are you going to be loyal to in your life.

Okay, now I never really met true family myself, until I met soul family. Till I got to a level where I started meeting people who were all soul mates. They were much deeper and closer than many of my own flesh relatives. But I still maintain relationships with my family. There's just certain things that I don't talk about, and certain things we don't touch on if they're not in agreement with. We find things we do have to share, like you know, are we going shopping today? Are we have a nice lunch? Are we talking about the world, you know. There is commonalities you can find but, you know, if you're in dysfunctional families or unhealthy families, a lot of times the lesson is, get yourself out of that. Dislodge the loyalty to those sorts of things. So, there's a lot to this, and it really would depend on the person's particular circumstances. But again, what I'm hearing is, ultimately we decide.

Anything you experience in your life, or that you stay in, or that you opt out of, is all part of your own trials and testing to move towards things that are more loving and healthier, okay. And sometimes forgiveness. If you are in family relationships that are abusive or whatever, sometimes getting yourself out of that, but yet doing it with the spirit of forgiveness is also one of the higher tests. Some day we'll have a topic specific course, or class on victimization. The whole idea that we have in this world of victim and victimizer. That's a whole topic Ahonu, so make a note of that. It would answer a lot of these questions as well.

Q: How do we manage our relationship with out guardian angel? Is our guardian angel like a genie in a bottle or how is that relationship meant to be managed differently? What does Source want us to know about our guardian angel?

A: We have addressed this before. The guardian angel is appointed to you at your birth. It is a gift from Source. An angel is chosen because of its unique gifts, abilities and personality to help you complete your soul contract. What else is true is that angels also evolve. When an angel is given to you and helps you through your soul contract, every victory that you have also helps it. It's a symbiotic relationship that you have. It's just as easy as talking to a friend. There is no hard way to do this. Once you're consciously aware that you have this presence that is around you all the time, you can talk to it, you can write it letters, you can sit quiet in meditation and attempt to see it clearly, you could draw a picture of it just intuitively, just a free hand, and you could practice automatic writing with it where you ask a question and then you wait for an answer. There are lots of ways to do this.

If you're asking me if it's a genie in a bottle, it would not describe itself that way because it's not like a magic pill that's going to magically give you everything you want. That's not what it's for. It's to help you fulfill your soul contract. Your soul contract is usually set up by you before you're born with some of your higher mentors and your soul contract often does have different challenges incorporated into it. It's got opportunities. We have freewill so this is where we have to choose. When a situation comes up, we choose how we handle it. We choose how we react. We choose what we decide every moment of our lives and your contract is set up to help you master particular situations, relationships, creativity and career. It's set up for your advancement. Your guardian angel will help you with anything that will promote your highest good in relationship to your own self mastery. If there's something you desire, of course you can bring it to your angel absolutely, but your power of creation is your own. Your own imagination and your own inner decision do the manifesting automatically. You don't need an angel to help you manifest. What an angel can do is provide opportunities, open doors for you or protect you from going the wayward path and things like that.

Q: Can anybody get into your personal Records without your permission?

A: Yes and no. If they can access your frequency, yes, and no, if their intention is not honorable or if there are lessons personal to you that need self-discovery, they will see a blank wall of energy preventing them from reading. The Records have their own safeguard against person’s whose intentions are not honorable in that their frequency will not be high enough to access the Records. Anyone trying to read another’s Records without their permission is not acting honorably. In principle, the Records are open books, but not in application. It’s a perfect system.

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