Ahonu Has Lost The Plot!

Creation Awareness Consciousness 1 min read , October 1, 2023

Beyond the Dream: Ahonu Tries to Uncover the Source of Creation and Avoid Losing The Plot!

Welcome to episode 477 of the World of Empowerment Video Podcast, titled "Ahonu Has Lost the Plot." In it, Ahonu dives into a deep and profound meditative experience. He takes us on a journey through his lucid dream, where he explores the idea of stepping back out of the dream and returning to the source of all creation. He shares his discovery of multiple dream states, recollecting various lifetimes and locations, and his attempt to navigate back to the root directory of the dream. Get ready to explore the boundaries of consciousness and ponder the nature of reality in this thought-provoking episode that had Ahonu (almost) losing the plot.

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Here are three key takeaways from his experience:

1️⃣ Ahonu Has Awareness of the Dream State: It's essential to recognize that we are living, not just in the waking world, but also in the dream state. By cultivating lucidity, we can gain a deeper understanding of our experiences and consciously navigate through them.

2️⃣ Ahonu Breaks Free from Limiting Beliefs: In his meditation, he encountered obstacles that tried to hinder his progress, mimicking the limitations we often encounter in our dreams and waking life. By acknowledging and dismissing these constraints, we can transcend self-imposed boundaries and expand our possibilities.

3️⃣ The Journey Within: Ahonu embarked on a fascinating journey through various dream realms, each resembling a physical place on Earth. It raised questions about the interplay between different lifetimes and the nature of reality. Exploring the infinite layers of consciousness offers us a glimpse into the interconnectedness of our experiences.


  1. How did Ahonu's experience in the meditation challenge his understanding of reality?
  2. What does Ahonu mean by "losing the plot" and how does it relate to his meditation experience?
  3. How did Ahonu's experience of being in a dream within a dream within a dream challenge his perception of time and space?
  4. What role did the ego play in Ahonu's meditation experience and how did he overcome its limitations?
  5. How did Ahonu use the concept of portals and mirrors to navigate through his dreams?
  6. What insights did Ahonu gain about the interconnectedness of different lifetimes and dimensions during his meditation?
  7. How did Ahonu's computer background influence his approach to "CD" commands and navigating back to the root directory of his dream?
  8. What fears did Ahonu confront in the process of returning to the root directory of his dream and how did he cope with them?
  9. How did Ahonu's experience in the meditation challenge his sense of self and create a sense of uncertainty about his physical reality?
  10. How does touch and the presence of Aingeal Rose serve as a boundary and anchor for Ahonu's experience in the dream state?

If you're intrigued by these insights, we invite you to tune in to the full episode on the World of Empowerment Video Podcast https://youtu.be/aMRtyvmwsJI?si=Nv2O7xARkjiW52bY. It's an exploration of spirituality and personal growth that will surely leave you pondering the vast potential within ourselves. Remember, the plot may be lost, but the adventure of self-discovery awaits!

World of Empowerment by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

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