Practical Steps To Professional Podcasting

Publishing 2 min read , July 27, 2020

A Free Webinar to help you begin your podcasting.

Practical Steps To Professional Podcasting with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
Practical Steps to Professional Podcasting!

Podcasting coaching launched recently - it was a brand new pilot podcast coaching program, โ€œPractical Steps To Professional Podcastingโ€. The response was terrific! In fact, even after just one week in the coaching program, students already had their podcast titles, their podcasting plan AND episode covers already laid out! Because of their success, and because of the many requests I received to re-run it, I'm doing the 12-week Podcast Coaching program again.

Find out all about it on this free webinar!

I encourage you to join in, especially if youโ€™re like me - I wanted to do a podcast for 10 years before I finally did it! Don't do that to yourself. Now is your chance to get your podcast on air - the time is now! All the details to attend this free webinar are here:

TOPIC: โ€œFree Webinar on Practical Steps To Professional Podcastingโ€
DATE/TIME: Sunday, August 2nd, 2020.
PLACE: The comfort of your own home or officeโ€”by online webinar

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During the webinar I will outline the content-rich 12-week coaching program. I will show you how to prepare and begin your podcast, give you the tools necessary, and show you the path to success. Your podcast should be attracting new clients, winning speaking engagements, selling your workshops and programs - so, let's get your podcast producing!

The webinar will show you what you will gain from attending the professional podcasting coaching program:

  • A simple, proven step-by-step system to get your podcast going immediately.
  • How to create a truly amazing podcast that supercharges your success as a creative and an authority.
  • How to easily create your topics and episodes that makes it easy for you to speak to your audience.
  • Easy strategies to create your podcast and create unlimited content into the future.
  • Easy methods to have your titles and episode covers created even in the first week.
  • How to think in terms of a series even before your podcast is ever launched.
  • The biggest mistakes podcasters make that cripples their episodes.
  • PLUS Q&A that answers all your questions and empowers you for success.

REGISTER your place on the webinar now.

Iโ€™ve published more than 1,000 books and aired nearly 500 podcast episodes. Now all my expertise is available to you to get your podcast on the air. So make sure to join this webinar on Practical Steps To Professional Podcasting now!

Once the program begins, your podcasting success will be my highest priority for the following 12 weeks!

I look forward to seeing you on the webinar. Blessings,

Practical Steps To Professional Podcasting with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
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