Power, What Is Real Power?

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Following Aingeal Rose’s experience of the Titan tragedy and being onboard the Titanic, the use and abuse of power arose. This is a brief discussion about what true power isn’t, leading to the convincing conclusion of what true power is.

Hello, this is Aingeal Rose and Ahonu and we are continuing our discussion from last week when we were talking about power. We had been talking about the Titan Submarine. If anyone hasn't listened to that, go back and listen to it on YouTube, or watch it below. It's what happened to the Titanic and what was going on in the bigger picture.

But we left it where we started talking about the uses of power. Remember how, with the Titanic that sank, the rumor was that the ship was going too fast? Remember? And what we heard with the Titan is that it seemed to dive too quickly. Anyway, but we were talking about this issue of power, and abuse of power in particular. So we did some quantum jumping to see what real power was. We did that today and we both got very interesting things. So I'll share mine first as I'm talking.

Aingeal Rose: Every time I jumped in through the doorway, into the quantum field to ask about true power, I was met with the sun. I've done it twice. The first time, as soon as I opened the door, the rays of the sun just burst and shone all over me. I clearly got the picture that the sun was power on our level, down here on our dimension. Behind the sun, I could see just white light everywhere but it took the form of the sun in terms of the power to regenerate.

Power of the sun with a corona mass ejection
Photographer: NASA | Source: Unsplash

When we went in today, once again, when I opened the door, I saw the sun. Only this time I went into the center of the sun, which was pure white light. It was like I was sitting in a white ball inside the sun. What I got from that simply was that the sun has everything. It is all power because it has everything that's needed for life to occur. Of course, I know the sun can burn as well. It can destroy as well as it can give life. But really it has all colors within it. It has every element within it. It is regenerative power in this dimension. But I couldn't see how to use it. I was just sitting in it, just being aware that we're actually composed of the Sun, that everything in life really is composed of the Sun in various forms. But you got it very different. You got the second piece on what the correct use of power was.

Ahonu: In this quantum jump, I first saw a lot of beautiful flowers; roses and chrysanthemums and peonies of all kinds that were gloriously colored, reflective, and a delight to look at. What came out of that was that exactly what Aingeal Rose had found; their life was only there because of the sun. But further than that, I found it was in the giving of the sun to life, to flowers, that's where the real power lay.

Real power is in giving.

The more I realized that, I found all kinds of things on our planet that give back. Plants and vegetables and trees, when they give, they have power. The sun in its giving, gives to plants and animals and life, always giving, never taking.

Power, a podcast episode by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Even things as mundane as a battery. We're all aware in science class of how a battery has potential power. It's only in the giving of those electrons along a wire that it produces light or spins a motor. It's only in the giving that it has power, and I found that to be a very empowering thought.

The very next thought that came to me, (and I was delighted to tell Aingeal Rose of this experience,) was that's what love is. Love gives, love doesn't take, love only gives. It's like the sun only gives, and that's what makes it powerful.

In our world, as we know it, there's a lot of taking, and that's what gives rise to negative power. Negative power manifests itself in our lives in politics, that kind takes, it doesn't give. Historically, kings and queens and monarchies and the ruling elite all get their supposed power from control, not from giving. That led to the realization that people who comply with that control operate out of fear. That opened up a whole can of worms, didn't it, Aingeal Rose?

Aingeal Rose: Well, it's just the distinction between true power and untrue power. Untrue power is control, which is really about fear. Fear and selfishness. It's not about giving. True power has love and giving as its root, at its core. The right use of it is to be in your heart and don't take.

You give, but don't take. Don't coerce, don't manipulate, or don't get somebody to do something because you want to have control over them.

Ahonu: Any time you want something in return, like in sales, for example, it is not love; it is taking. Sales people sometimes promise the Earth, but their intention is to make a sale, to get paid, to get something in return. That's not power, and it's certainly not love.

Aingeal Rose: It isn't love when you have leaders that just want to dominate the population and make slaves out of people, or rule out of fear. That's a misuse of power.

Ahonu: But the only reason that they have perceived power is because people give their power to them out of fear. By comparison, let's look at unconditional love. When people love unconditionally, they're not looking for anything in return. It is total. It is all- giving, and to me, that is all powerful.

One final thought that comes to me now is about God. When we think of God, (and I know God means different things to different people,) we always say don't go religious with this because this is certainly not religious. When we talk about God, we're talking about that eternal, omnipotent, all-love that only gives.

Power, with God, all things are possible.
Photographer: Jose Castillo | Source: Unsplash

Aingeal Rose: Because it's love! That's what heals. It's like when people have near-death-experiences (NDE) who are ill and they get healed while they're on the other side temporarily. It's because of the love they experience, which is the real power.

Ahonu: Yeah. So there you are, folks. That brings us to our conclusion that love is all giving and love is the only real power.

Aingeal Rose: Okay. So until next time... go forth and multiply! Blessings & bye for now.

Power, an essay by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
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