August Update

Cosmos Awareness Life Consciousness 2 min read , August 2, 2023


Aingeal Rose reads 3 Tarot cards for August 2023 to help alleviate fear and understand what's going on energetically in the world right now. Click here to watch it on YouTube. Mainly, it is about embracing change, evaluating finances, nurturing relationships, and uncovering hidden realities in August.

1. How do you interpret the warning about potential manipulation by powerful forces mentioned in the episode? Have you experienced any instances of feeling manipulated by such forces?
2. How does the 7 of Pentacles card resonate with you? Have you recently evaluated your finances and progress in life? What changes, if any, have you made as a result of this evaluation?
3. What are your thoughts on the idea that more knowledge and truths will be uncovered this month? Do you believe there are hidden truths or information that is being kept from the public?
4. How do you interpret the little devil figure on the card mentioned? What potential aggravations do you think are being referred to by the speaker?
5. The speaker mentions that the Temperance card emphasizes the importance of not overreacting and going with the flow. Do you find it challenging to maintain emotional balance in your life? How do you personally approach situations where you need to temper your reactions?
6. How do you feel about the idea that everything is being guided and that we should trust in that guidance? Do you find it comforting or challenging to trust the processes of life?
7. What is your interpretation of the sun rising above the mountain in the Temperance card? How do you think this symbolism relates to the influences from the sun mentioned in the episode?
8. How do you respond to the speaker's encouragement to go with the flow and enjoy oneself in response to the influences from the sun? Do you prioritize self-care and enjoyment in your life? Why or why not?
9. What are your thoughts on the idea of cycles and changes as symbolized by the Wheel of Fortune card? Do you believe in the concept of cycles and the inevitability of change?
10. Have you been able to spend time with your family or loved ones recently? How do you nurture and appreciate your relationships with family and friends?

Blessings and bye for now!

August Update from Aingeal Rose

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