Empowerment Videos For May '24

Creation Life Consciousness 3 min read , June 1, 2024

May has been a month of empowerment, extraordinary insights, transformative conversations, and deep spiritual exploration. We interviewed Penny Kelly on the mysteries of Inner Earth, examined the profound essence of compassion with Ahonu, engaged in divine dialogues about time and money in our Group Akashic Records sessions, and unlocked the unlimited power within us by undoing limiting beliefs. Each podcast episode, video, and blog post crafted in the World of Empowerment to elevate your consciousness and empower your journey towards personal growth and success. Let's take a closer look at the enlightening content we shared with you this month.

Penny Kelly on Inner Earth, Extraterrestrials, and Human Transformation

In an eye-opening conversation with Penny Kelly, we ventured into the enigmatic concept of Inner Earth. This discussion wasn't just a flight of fancy; it was an exploration of advanced civilizations that may exist beneath our feet. We pondered how these civilizations might be working silently to uplift humanity and help us in our personal empowerment.

Empowerment Videos by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

The dialogue turned to extraterrestrial beings—guardians or observers who might be monitoring our progress and offering subtle assistance. The idea that ETs could be aiding in our evolutionary journey is both humbling and exhilarating.

Penny Kelly's insights also touched on human transformation through heightened consciousness. Imagine navigating into a new world where our collective awareness grows our personal empowerment and transcends current limitations! This episode is a must-listen for anyone intrigued by the deeper layers of existence.

How To Cultivate Compassion in a World Full of Judgments - from the World of Empowerment

Compassion is more than just empathy; it's an active force that can transform both individuals and societies. In this episode, Ahonu breaks down the etymology of compassion—"com" meaning "with" and "passion" meaning "suffering." He challenges us to consider compassion as our moral compass guiding us through life's judgments.

Empowerment Videos by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Ahonu's reflections urge us to confront our own prejudices and elevate our understanding beyond superficial judgments. By cultivating true compassion, we can foster deeper connections with others and navigate through conflicts with grace.

God's Million Dollars

What if you had a casual chat with God about time and money? In this whimsical yet profound narrative, Ahonu imagines such a conversation. The dialogue sheds light on how divine perspectives can simplify complex human concerns.

Helpful Videos by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Time becomes elastic when viewed through God's eyes—a reminder that our earthly worries often pale in comparison to universal truths. Money takes on new meaning when seen as energy rather than currency. It is indeed about empowerment. This imaginative discussion encourages us to keep striving for spiritual communication while remaining grounded in practical efforts.

Unlimited Power From Undoing Limiting Beliefs

During our group Akashic Records session from November 2023, Aingeal Rose & Ahonu explored how dismantling limiting beliefs can connect us to boundless universal power. Limiting beliefs act like invisible chains holding us back from realizing our true potential and empowerment.

Empowerment Videos by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

By identifying these mental barriers and consciously undoing them, we free ourselves to tap into infinite possibilities. This conversation is not just theoretical; it's actionable wisdom designed to help you break free from self-imposed limitations.


Reflections In Consciousness by the World of Empowerment

Aingeal Rose's monthly session on 26th May offered profound reflections that resonated deeply with participants. These gatherings by the World of Empowerment are designed for those seeking clarity and understanding amidst life's complexities.

Group Akashic Records Session by the World of Empowerment

Our session on 19th May addressed pressing questions about life, healing, climate change, and more. These monthly sessions are becoming increasingly vital as energies shift globally.

Margaret Gallagher's Positive Start

This joyful weekly meetup provided a sanctuary away from worldly chaos—a place where positivity reigns supreme.

Mildred Ryan’s Workshops

Mildred Ryan led two transformative workshops: "Set Yourself Up For Success" on 2nd May and "The Temple of Healing Light" on 16th May. These workshops are sacred journeys aimed at accelerating healing across mind, body, and spirit.

We invite you all to join these enriching sessions moving forward!


May was indeed a transformative month filled with rich discussions aimed at elevating your consciousness and empowering your journey toward personal growth and success. From exploring hidden realms beneath our feet to unraveling cosmic conversations about time—and even unlocking unlimited potential within—we created thought-provoking content for you.

As we continue this journey together into June and beyond, remember that each step taken in awareness brings us closer to living extraordinary lives filled with purposefulness rooted deeply within practical spirituality.

Empowerment Videos by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
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