December's Tarot: Ahonu's Insights

Awareness Creation Consciousness 2 min read , December 13, 2023

Asked by Aingeal Rose for his interpretation of the December Tarot, Ahonu provides insight into the Six of Pentacles, emphasizing the abundance of information and support coming our way. He also explores the 'yes' card, the Nine of Cups, and its association with celebration and achievement. The 4-minute episode concludes with an exploration of the Strength card, highlighting the continuing rise of the divine feminine and the balance of power between male and female energies.

Ahonu's Tarot Insights for December 2023

🌟 Update To Aingeal Rose’s recent Tarot reading for December 2023! 🌟

Ahonu had the pleasure of further interpreting three tarot cards for the month of December. Here are the key takeaways:

Six of Pentacles: The tarot card signifies generosity and support, indicating the flow of significant information related to the world, manifesting, and ascension. Keep an eye out for revelations and downloads that hold crucial insights for everyone.

Nine of Cups: This tarot card represents celebration and achievement, signifying a significant energetic milestone deserving of recognition. It's a reminder to reflect on how far we've come and the journey ahead.

Strength Card: Highlighting the power of the divine feminine, this card symbolizes a balance of power between male and female energy, leading us into a harmonious and balanced future.

Ahonu provides a 4-min video from the Tarot with his understanding of our future for December.

Questions to ask yourself after watching this video:

  1. What are the potential interpretations and significance of the Six of Pentacles card for the month of December, as described by Ahonu?
  2. How does Ahonu relate the Six of Pentacles card to Tesla's reliance on the numbers 3-6-9 and the potential impact on receiving important information?
  3. What does Ahonu suggest regarding the activation of energy vortexes in Sedona and the flow of information and revelations from all over the world? (See YouTube video
  4. Discuss Ahonu's interpretation of the 'yes' card, the Nine of Cups, and the sense of celebration and achievement it signifies.
  5. How does Ahonu emphasize the energetically significant achievement depicted in the Nine of Cups card, despite it being a representation of completion rather than the final stage?
  6. Explore Ahonu's analysis of the Strength card and its representation of the power of the divine feminine and the potential balance of power between male and female in current times.
  7. Reflect on the idea of a divine orchestration in the rebalancing of power between male and female, as described by Ahonu in relation to the Strength card.
  8. Evaluate the potential impact of the interpretations of the tarot cards for the month of December as discussed by Ahonu and Aingeal Rose.
  9. How might the interpretations of the tarot cards influence your approach to December and the events that unfold during the month?
  10. What are your thoughts and interpretations of the tarot cards as discussed in the episode, and how do they align with your personal beliefs or experiences?

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Wishing you all a magical December filled with love, light, and abundant blessings for your future!

With love and blessings,

The future in the Tarot, by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
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