#16 The brain is... from the Akashic Records

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The brain is... the 16th of 4,000 profound statements from the Akashic Records by Aingeal Rose. The statements come from a series of Akashic Records sessions held in Ireland and the USA over several years, starting in 2013. The transcripts from these sessions became the 100-book Answers From The Akashic Records series (https://links.ahonu.com/aftar.

The brain is... Answers From The Akashic Records with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

The 16th statement says,

“The brain is an incredible relay station between the spirit and the body.”

Sample Brain Questions From The Akashic Records Group Sessions

Q: How can we release DMT like Ayahuasca experience naturally in the brain without the use of drugs?

A: Let's first talk about your intention because that has a lot to do with what chemicals are released from you. The truth is, is the brain is a pharmacy. Your brain can produce any chemical at all and it goes back to question on enlightenment. It's similar in a way because it is your intention on what you're trying to do. That's the first question to answer in the Akashic Records; what is your purpose for wanting to experience those chemicals? You need to answer that first. Once you're clear on what your motivation is, that will dictate the type of experience that you have whether you activate those chemicals or not. It's simply about intention. I know that sounds very simple but the truth is, is that anything you truly desire can come into manifestation.

Meditation will do it also naturally. If you are a conscious meditator every day and you take time to go within, then you will eventually get to states of consciousness that naturally activate those chemicals in your brain. I need to just make a point here to make people understand that the chemicals are the effect - the body that produces certain chemicals or hormones. Those are all effects of our desires and what we believe in. The body follows you. I should say the brain follows the mind. The mind says, "okay, this is where the intention is, this is where the will is, this is what I desire" and the brain says okay, we'll set about manufacturing those chemicals and then the body is really what receives it all. We have to get the process straight here.

The truth is, is there is a fast way to enlightenment based on what we've already spoken about from the Akashic Records, but in terms of activating chemicals in yourself, they're temporary. This is what you have to know is that if you use something like Ayahuasca to activate certain chemicals in the brain, once the drug wears off, the chemicals don't stay. In other words, you may have an experience but you haven't become love. You haven't actualized love. The difference is that you've had an experience which may give you a little vision or piece and not everybody who uses Ayahuasca has great experiences by the way. Sometimes, it stimulates your own shadow. What we're talking about is the difference between having an experience of higher dimension let's say or deeper connection to the Earth let's say and having an experience of that as opposed to becoming somebody whose very being is in relationship with all life everywhere and they're really different.

History of the Akashic Records groups

The Akashic Records groups began in Ireland in 2010 and continue to this day. They have been recorded in Ireland, all over the USA and recently, through online webinars, worldwide (see https:// aingealrose.com). The statements you are now reading (about the brain in this instance) are an extract from some of those meetings with God Source through the medium of the Akashic Records. All together, they formed a series of books called, “The Answers From The Akashic Records”.

Each one touches on a variety of topics on spirituality, the world, healing, God, love, miracles, ancient civilizations, the human brain and body and more. Throughout the transcripts, you will hear Aingeal Rose reference ‘Source’ quite often. Source in these contexts is our Prime Creator—the original Intelligence or ‘God’ that is aware of everything and knows everything and everyone. At times she has referred to Source as ‘They’ only because Source is not only ‘Prime’, but also ‘All That Is’. In these sessions, it is Source Itself that talks to us and answers our questions.

Although we are visited from time to time by Light Beings, in these sessions there were no middle men—no masters, guides, angels or other intermediary beings. Many have asked us how we receive the information from the Records. Aingeal Rose’s answer is multi-layered. She says,

“Once I am in the Akashic Field, I am in a field of vast information. That information translates itself into beams of color, words, feelings, knowings and pictures. It is as though the information is ‘impressed’ upon my mind, brain and body so that, as I receive the information, I also feel, experience and understand it at the same time. Many times it occurs all at once and it is my job to report the information to my client or group. Words coming from Source are deliberate and in order. By this I mean I must report the information in the sequence it is given, exactly as it is given, before the next piece will be shown to me. I also would not use the same choice of words to get a meaning across to the same two people in a private reading. Source understands how a person can receive or hear the information It wants to impart.”

You can find out more about the Akashic Records here: https://aingealrose.com

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