Chaco Canyon Part 2 - The Quantum Jump

Cosmos Creation Awareness Life 6 min read , April 24, 2022

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu begin their exploration of Chaco Canyon with a quantum jump into the heart of creation.

Welcome to part two of our Chaco Canyon adventure. In Part 1, we were trying to figure out why a trip was necessary. To discover what the attraction was there, we did a quantum jump. During the quantum jump, we asked deep questions and got deep answers not found in any history or tourist guide books. It revealed information that helped us decide to proceed.

I found myself high in the sky, way up, above the atmosphere. I was coming down an imaginary circular staircase, like a vortex. It was like an energetic construct that allowed for the materialization of a body. I was in an ethereal but quickly manifesting body, looking down on Earth.

Like stepping down a circular staircase, the further I descended, the more material I became. I could see down onto the Earth’s surface and I could clearly see the continent that was later to become the United States of America. As I approached the surface, I could see the area where Chaco Canyon was. There was a beautiful circular administration building in the center thronged with people. The region was circular, divided into a North, South, East, West pattern, with radiating circles of buildings going outward for many square miles.

Chaco Canyon with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

The grids were mathematically exact, like sacred geometry where Lyrian people had materialized, their Lyran bodies adapting immediately to the new environment. There was no tension or stress. There was no extra equipment needed to live and thrive there.

When I looked at the landscape and the buildings, my body began dissolving into ether. I rotated up the spiral saying, No, I want to stay, but I couldn’t. They siphoned me up the same tube I had come down. Before I lost sight of it completely, I realized Chaco Canyon was a settlement of Lyrians, and there were other similar colonies on Earth, all settled within a few thousand years of each other. There was one in India, one in Russia, Germany, and South Africa. There was one in Ireland and one in England. The Egyptians built their metropolis at that North African grid point.

Despite some genetic differences, they colonized peacefully with each other, recognizing they were all part of the one cosmic family. Differences created conflict between them. Many became selfish about their possessions and tried to wipe out the weaker. Others believed the newer beings were coming to take over the resources of the Earth.

I didn’t get as far as witnessing war. I just sensed growing tension. All over our modern world, we see those same tensions, and more remnants of those ancient settlements are being uncovered. Our purpose in going to Chaco Canyon became clear; these people were our ancestors. We’re back again to pick up the lost soul pieces. These fragments of our identity are attached to Earth.

I didn’t get too much more because the further up the spiral I went, the fewer answers I got. The further away, the less materialized, the less information, the less I could see, until it all went blank. That was the end.

I did a second quantum jump to Chaco Canyon because I wanted more information. However, the second jump brought me back further to a time that was a lot less settled than the first. In that session, I discovered the origin of the Flat Earth theory.

In the second jump, I went to a section of the Earth that was split apart, like a slice cut from an apple. Some powerful energy force had struck it, which caused it to split in two. It explained why people have in their ancestral memory the idea of a flat Earth. That portion of the fallen Earth was indeed flat after the split. However, with time and the forces of nature, it eventually rolled into the globe in the orbit we are familiar with today.

It was while the Earth was flat that the Lyrians (of which I was clearly one) came to restore it. They came to stabilize it, to restore the population on it, to reintegrate it and to resurrect those who had fallen with it. I was witnessing the original fall of man!

It was difficult because the Earth was in turmoil. Tectonic plates were shifting, landmasses were moving, forces of nature were pulling and pushing. Parts of the Earth were caving in and collapsing, others were bulging and emerging anew. Mountains were rising, valleys were falling, rain was lashing, seas were flooding; this was the biblical Apocalypse. Millions of years went by as it tried to find its stability in an orbit, in a new plane of existence, and we were here to help stabilize it all. We were bringing our own knowledge and experience and culture and ideas and everything with us to help resurrect the fallen Earth back to its former Paradisical state. But we didn’t know there were other forces who didn’t want it to be resurrected. Other beings claimed the resources of the Earth for themselves. That’s when we hear stories of ancient Annunaki mining for gold, or mining for the various elements that were needed for their own off-planet civilizations, but despite the hardships, the Lyrians continued their attempt to restore, reconnect, and reintegrate the Earth.

The Lyrian attempt at resurrection was great - it worked for a while in Lemuria and Atlantis. The Earth enjoyed peace for a time during a golden age. People worked the energetics of the Earth’s, elevating its consciousness. There was love at work and play. All beings strove to unite the Earth, its visitors, colonies, and races. They cared for the sanctity of the humans that were coming into existence at that time, the polarization of the male and female, and the process of creation. There was a love principle guiding the intention to rebuild and resurrect, but that too got compromised because greed and corruption ultimately reigned supreme.

Chaco Canyon exploration and similarities with today

I had to return. As I traversed the millions of years of ancestral history, the similarity of what’s happening on the Earth right now struck me. We’re experiencing similar climate changes, similar political motivations, similar winds of war. We’re witnessing groups of people wanted to keep Earth at the lower frequencies. Prior to the fall, there wasn’t death as we know it. No, there was Ascension. Ascension was going home, back and forth, through interplanetary, intergalactic, interdimensional travel. People could come and go. And when you were going home, you ascended. Ascension means the ability to move between dimensions.

Clearly, Chaco Canyon wants people to restore the ascension frequencies to the Earth. That is what’s going on in the bigger picture. Our job is the purification of all memories of failing, of falling, becoming denser, and losing our ability to ascend. But we still carry the memories of ascension and those higher frequencies. That’s why it wants us to be there. Humanity is activating those frequencies on the Earth again. That’s the original, true spirit of ourselves. You will see now the necessity for us to go forward. And in the next video, we will be on the road to Chaco Canyon, and that has its own challenges, as we’ll see.


Chaco Canyon adventure with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
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