Aage Nost: Universal Success Principles And How Billionaires Think

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In a world that seems to spin faster with every passing day, understanding the mindset and principles that guide the most successful among us can provide not just inspiration, but a practical roadmap for our own journeys toward personal success and professional fulfillment. The thoughts and habits of billionaires might seem like they're shrouded in mystery or unattainable, yet when we delve deeper, we uncover that at their core lie universal success principles accessible to anyone willing to embrace them.

What are Universal Success principles all about?

In this interview, Aingeal Rose & Ahonu speak with Aage Nost about his book, Universal Success Principles & How Billionaires Think. We're thrilled to share the profound insights that Aage has to offer on the power of the mind, the secrets of the super successful, and the shaping of our reality with thought. Aage peels back the layers of success and shares how forgiveness, positive thinking, and the company we keep can change our brain wave patterns and unlock opportunities.

Aage stresses the importance of constantly expanding your mind, learning from the wealth of knowledge in books and speeches, and the significance of associating with those who are where we aspire to be. He presents the fascinating concept of a mastermind group, a collection of like minds united in harmony, multiplying the potential of each member, exemplified in stories of healing and financial prosperity.

In this episode, Aage shares techniques for setting up not just a business, but a foolproof life, where protection through Trusts and offshore banking comes into play. We'll learn about the law of giving, the differences between millionaires and billionaires, and why fostering a mentality of abundance is key.

Universal Success Principles and How Billionaires Think by Aage Nost

Who’s Aage Nost, and is he a success?

Aage Nost is a thought leader and speaker renowned for his keen interest in unlocking the secrets of universal success principles, particularly as they relate to wealth creation and manifestation. His insightful approach to understanding how billionaires think has captured the attention of many who aspire to elevate their financial status and master the art of manifesting prosperity. Aware of the comprehensive nature of his subject matter, Aage skillfully breaks down his teachings into manageable segments for his audience, ensuring that his wisdom is both accessible and actionable. Through his talks, he not only addresses the broad principles that underpin success but also provides practical guidance to help individuals overcome common obstacles in manifesting wealth. Aage's dedication to sharing these principles reflects his commitment to empowering others to achieve greater abundance in their lives.

The Mindset of Mastery and Success

At the heart of billionaire thinking lies a mindset of mastery. This isn't about mastering others, but about mastering oneself: one's thoughts, emotions, and actions. It is about cultivating an inner resilience and a belief in one's ability to overcome challenges. Billionaires understand that their mindset dictates their trajectory in life; they approach obstacles with a solution-oriented attitude and see failures as opportunities for growth.

Visionary Thinking

Billionaires are often cited as visionaries. But what does it truly mean to be visionary? It means seeing not just what is, but what could be. It involves thinking big while also paying meticulous attention to the small steps required to get there. Visionary thinking is rooted in a deep sense of purpose and a commitment to making that vision a reality against all odds.

Embracing Risk

Another hallmark of billionaire thought patterns is their relationship with risk. Rather than shying away from risk, billionaires tend to embrace it as an inevitable part of achieving significant success. However, this doesn't mean they take reckless chances; instead, they make calculated risks based on thorough research and analysis.

Lifelong Learning

A relentless pursuit of knowledge characterizes those who have achieved great wealth and success. They understand that the world is constantly changing and that staying ahead requires an insatiable curiosity and commitment to learning. Whether through reading books, attending seminars, or seeking mentors, continuous personal development is a non-negotiable aspect of their lives.

Leveraging Time

Time management is another critical skill mastered by billionaires. They recognize time as the most valuable resource—one that once spent cannot be regained. Therefore, they are meticulous about how they allocate their time, focusing on activities that align with their goals and delegating tasks that do not require their direct involvement.

Building Networks

Success is seldom a solitary journey. Billionaires understand the power of networks—of surrounding themselves with people who inspire them, challenge them, and push them towards greater achievements. They invest time in building relationships not just for potential business opportunities but for mutual growth and learning.


The principles guiding billionaire minds are not reserved for the elite few; they are universal laws accessible to anyone willing to diligently apply them in their lives. By adopting a mindset of mastery, embracing visionary thinking, taking calculated risks, committing to lifelong learning, managing our time effectively, and building supportive networks around us—we too can embark on our paths from ordinary to extraordinary.

These success principles resonate deeply with the ethos promoted by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu—empowering individuals through practical spirituality and consciousness exploration—to transcend mediocrity by embracing these transformative mindsets for personal growth and business success. You can find this interview on our YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/d94nW1jOmp4 and on our podcast here: https://podcast.worldofempowerment.com

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