A Time of Change

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The following is the preface to a timely new book by Aingeal Rose, A Time of Change.

No one can deny that we live in exciting times. Changes are occurring daily on every level of our lives. Never have we witnessed a global awakening of this magnitude. Every aspect of life is affected—thoughts are manifesting at a rapid rate for good or ill. Systems are failing and new ways of thinking are starting to make way for a more cooperative and harmonious way of life.

The people are ready. Children are being born with exceptional gifts demonstrating that the human race is changing into a more spiritually evolved species. Along with that and at the same time, those involved with the old system of war, greed, corruption, competition and control are trying to enslave us even further. We have been under that thumb for far too long!

To succeed in a new paradigm, we must all be willing to change—to choose differently, to be more self-sovereign, to cooperate and share, to care. Establishing communities that are self-sustaining on all fronts is an absolute necessity for life to continue to flourish, not just survive.

Where is God Source in all this? Is there a God Source? Does It have a hand in the orchestration of these changes? Is this Armageddon or Paradise? Are cataclysmic Earth changes a necessary part of these times?

I have been a reader of the Akashic Records for the past 30 years. Akashic comes from ‘Akasha’, which is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘ether’ and implies a spiritual plane or substance where the entire history of life is recorded and kept. ‘Akasha’ has been described as an ancient Library where each one of us has our own ‘book’ of our many lifetimes and sojourns in Spirit.

This ‘library’ has been given the name, The Akashic Records.

People who have had near death experiences (NDE’s) report seeing their entire lives flash in front of them on point of death. This is evidence of the Akashic Records, the recording of even the minutest detail of a person’s life. Not only are the events of life recorded, but the impact of those events on ourselves and others is also recorded. The implications of this are a bit mind boggling when you think about it!

Through accessing these Records, I have been privileged to provide understanding, guidance and comfort to my clients from levels that go far beyond our linear view of life. I too, have learned through these readings and I have come to understand there are causes underlying everything in our lives. Everything does make sense—this is the gift of the Akashic Records.

What Intelligence would record all the events of life? What would be the purpose? That it matters a great deal is obvious when we see that it is part of the life and death transition process. Each person is presented a ‘life review’—a summary of their lives showing those they’ve affected and were affected by.

Those returning from NDEs report that not only do they see all the events of their life; they also feel the impact of their choices upon others for good and ill. Progress and learning is observed and noted as well as choices made. Could things have been done in a better way? What victories were obtained? Our progress is observed and measured, not by a punishing God, but by ourselves. It is we who are in our own relationship with ourselves, with our Creator and with one another.

So, what is the purpose of Life, our lives? What is wanted of us from God’s or Life’s point of view? Why do we keep coming and going? Why do we arrange to meet others again and again with whom we have shared past lifetimes? Are we on missions? Or is our purpose unique to each soul? Questions such as these were the impetus for beginning the Group Akashic Record sessions.

It began as a group experiment based on these questions and the questions my clients were asking of God and the Universe. I had plenty of my own questions as well!

The groups began in Ireland in 2010 and continue to this day. They have been recorded in Ireland, all over the USA and recently, through online webinars, worldwide (see http:// aingealrose.com).

The book A Time of Change contains transcripts of some of those meetings with God Source through the medium of the Akashic Records. This book is the first in a series of books in the Answers From The Akashic Records series. Each one will touch on a variety of topics on spirituality, the world, healing, God, love, miracles, ancient civilizations and more.

Throughout the transcripts, you will hear me reference ‘Source’ quite often. Source in these contexts is our Prime Creator—the original Intelligence or ‘God’ that is aware of everything and knows everything and everyone. At times I have referred to Source as ‘They’ only because it feels to me that Source is not only ‘Prime’, but also ‘All That Is’.

In these sessions, it is Source Itself that talks to us and answers our questions. Although we are visited from time to time by Light Beings, in these sessions there are no middle men—no masters, guides, angels or other intermediary beings.

Many have asked me how I receive the information from the Records. My answer is multi-layered. Once I am in the Akashic Field, I am in a field of vast information. That information translates itself into beams of color, words, feelings, knowings and pictures. It is as though the information is ‘impressed’ upon my body so that, as I receive the information, I also feel, experience and understand it at the same time. Many times it occurs all at once and it is my job to report the information to my client or group. Words coming from Source are deliberate and in order. By this I mean I must report the information in the sequence it is given, exactly as it is given, before the next piece will be shown to me. I also would not use the same choice of words to get a meaning across to the same two people in a private reading. Source understands how a person can receive or hear the information It wants to impart.

Entry into the Akashic Records is gained through reciting a sacred prayer that I was taught many years ago. My teachers told me the prayer was ancient Mayan that was translated into English. Upon saying the prayer, I am immediately in the Akashic Field. Each session ends with a sacred prayer of gratitude for the knowledge received.

I have decided to leave the transcripts of these group sessions in their original question and answer format, just as the sessions were presented and recorded. Since I am not in trance while receiving this information, the discussions are often free-flowing until I receive another clear impression. Therefore, at times, I have included additional information on a particular topic from other sessions, from my own conversations with Source, or from my personal experience. Please note that when I’m telling a personal story, the text is in quotations so as to distinguish my words from those of Source.

It is my desire in offering these transcripts to you that you will experience the peace and understanding from Source that has always been ours to remember. While I am in the field of the Akashic Records, I experience consistent love and peace, as well as a ‘knowing’ that all is well despite what may be occurring or appearing to the contrary in our outer world or in our personal lives. It is my hope that you will be inspired and uplifted by these understandings and that your own connection to God Source will be enriched.

With Love,

Aingeal Rose can be contacted at https://aingealrose.com

The book is available on Amazon in print and Kindle formats. Contact us if you need it a different format for your reader.

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