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Awareness Consciousness 3 min read , January 25, 2023

Private Invitation to the World of Empowerment Community

Last week we sent you an email about the World of Empowerment community saying that nobody is alone in the spirit world, and should not be alone here either, and that it can feel lonely walking a spiritual path. Well, we got an email yesterday from Jeffrey Van Dyke (The Courageous Messenger) saying much the same thing, but he worded it more eloquently. He said:

"I've been noticing a big shift from the ME to the WE - both in myself and energetically in the field. It makes sense because our problems are so global and so intractable when it comes to the I, they're problems that only the 'we' can address. And yet, there is this delicious dilemma… If you’re like me and other leaders in my tribe, you have a big calling for collective change, which relies on this shift from 'me' to 'we'... And yet, you’re probably a bit of a lone wolf. You like people and people like you, but truth be told, you don’t let folks in so easily.
In other words, you and I don’t do 'we' very well.
In fact, 'we' is more of an idea or concept than a lived experience we know in our bodies. Here’s how this occurs… Leaders who are driven to focus on paradigm change usually grew up in paradigms that weren’t particularly hospitable to them. It’s what drives you to help create change! Whatever situation you grew up in, you needed to find a way out. And the best way you knew to find a way out without needing to rely on anybody else was to develop a high level of competency and great mastery in your craft. That was the best hope for being in demand in the world, ensuring you’re needed, even if you’re not wanted… and finding places where you’re valued, even if you don’t feel you belong. Now you know it’s time to rely on people and collaborate in ways you haven't before. It’s time to move into the 'we'."

It's why we created the World of Empowerment (WE) Community, because when we first went public with our spiritual healing business nearly 40 years ago, there were no online communities. We worked for years, helping and healing all alone, as best we could. It was lonely, but now... you have many options. Here's your private invitation link to WE. If you've already joined, please disregard this email.

It's why we created the World of Empowerment (WE) Community, and this post contains your invitation link. If you've already joined, please disregard this message.

World of Empowerment with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

If you are already a part of another spiritual community, that's great. We're certainly not asking you to join one more. In fact, we believe we can only have meaningful engagement in a few communities. However, if you are not currently a part of a healing or spiritual community and you are looking for a warm, welcoming place where you can find community with other spiritual warriors like yourself and where you can learn and grow as a pioneer in this great time of change, then the World of Empowerment Community might be a good fit for you. We would love to welcome you in.

World of Empowerment on the Heartbeat platform with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

WE created the World of Empowerment on a new community platform called Heartbeat. It enables us to serve you better, faster and more secure in a free, safe, private community environment.

But first, you must register with this special invitation link!

You will only need to use that link once, and it is by invitation only. You get immediate access to most everything that goes on in our new World of Empowerment community. Every day we're populating it with:

  • Profound statements from the Akashic Records
  • Announcements
  • Weekly Digest
  • Ahonu's Messages From The Mountain
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Meditations
  • Revocations
  • Downloads
  • Blog, etc

We ask that you please play an active part in the World of Empowerment community and ask and answer questions to help others through this great time of change.

The World of Empowerment community URL is easy to remember: You can refer others to join the community by sending them to the WE homepage at There, they will get their own private invitation to join.

We look forward to seeing you again soon! Blessings and bye for now!

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