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Awareness Consciousness 3 min read , July 1, 2023
Watch the video by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu from World of Empowerment

June Update - Read the full story ~ Listen to the Podcast ~ Watch the video

Aingeal Rose delivered your June world update. She pulled three Tarot cards, the Chariot, the Queen of Wands, and the High Priestess. Watch her prognosis for June and see what happened!

459: Which One Are You? Read the full story ~ Listen to the Podcast ~ Watch the video

Ahonu tells a story of a chef cooking potatoes, eggs and coffee. It has a moral, a lesson for the chef's daughter. At the end, he asks “Which One Are You?”

460: Unveiling The Unity of Earth, Heart and Breath. Read the full story ~ Listen to the Podcast ~ Watch the video

Unveiling The Unity of Earth, Heart and Breath is a private discussion between Aingeal Rose & Ahonu where they discover that in the vast expanse of the cosmos, a profound realization awaits us. As we journey through life, we often forget the profound connection that exists between the Earth beneath our feet, the rhythm of our own beating hearts, and the simple act of breath that sustains us. But what if we told you these three seemingly separate entities are, in fact, intricately intertwined, each resonating with a shared frequency?

461: Why Would A Soul Incarnate Into An Abusive Family? Read the full story ~ Listen to the Podcast ~ Watch the video

In a group Akashic Records session in Dublin, Ireland in 2013, Aingeal Rose answers questions on conception, birth, young souls, and incarnation. She is asked, "Why would a soul incarnate into an abusive family?"

462: Give Up The Struggle! Read the full story ~ Listen to the Podcast ~ Watch the video

When his brother called to announce his retirement at 66, Ahonu reflected on our incessant struggle for survival and happiness on Earth.


Aingeal Rose ran her monthly Reflections In Consciousness session on 17th June. The next one is Saturday 1st July at 11am MST. If you'd like to take part in this, or future sessions, click here.

Our monthly Group Akashic Records session was on 18th June. These sessions originated from people wanting answers to bigger questions about life, healing, the world, climate and more. Due to the increase in energies coming forward today, these sessions will be held once monthly, on the 3rd Sunday of the month to gain more clarity and understanding of our world.

We also ran our Quarterly Akashic Student Meetup in June. Designed to help and support all those who take our Akashic Records home-study course, it is a great resource to catch up and share experiences. We hold it every 3 months on the 3rd Sunday.

Ahonu's book series entitled, The Healing From Grief Series continues to help people in grief. It has 3 books, Why Did He Die?, The Reincarnation of Columbus, and The Angel Of The Forest: A Journey Of Twin Flame Love & Destiny. You can find that on Amazon here.

Blessings and bye for now!

Blessings from Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

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