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The Tunnel Of Light is the 3rd of our episodes down-stepping from Source the help we need to navigate these times and to get through what we're going through. This one is about the tunnel of light and how to raise our frequency. We hope you found the first one (visualizing blue light) and the second one (destiny is your opportunity) helpful.

Tunnel of Light - Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

In our Help-Is-Here Project, we've got more developments for you - Aingeal Rose has down-stepped the next steps - how to go through the tunnel of light!

Ahonu on the Tunnel Of Light:

There’s a flood coming downhill and collectively, the world, humanity, is in the way of this flood. We can't avoid it and we're all trying to cope with it. Of course, it makes sense that if you're prepared, like if you have your own boat, you may well be able to stay on top of it and I suspect that might be "spirituality". Then I saw a Holly tree.

Holly berries are beautiful but poisonous - Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
Holly berries are beautiful but poisonous!

Christmas Holly berries are red. Red is the color of creation, it is the color of manifestation. But I saw a dichotomy between beautiful Holly and how Holly berries are poisonous. You wouldn't want to eat these beautiful looking berries. Be careful of what's been presented as beautiful and attractive. Be careful of what you're digesting, what you're ingesting - it appears to be Holy, but it may be poisonous.

Aingeal Rose on the Tunnel Of Light:

There was the healing light of emerald green everywhere, then a circle of white light like a tunnel of light or white wormhole. Source said it was time to practice shifting into other dimensions where our Higher Selves are located. They're at a higher frequency and frequencies are also dimensions. I dived into the center of the wormhole and traveled with the intention to go to my Higher Self because I needed to be in a higher place to see correctly. We have to get out of the mire of this dimension, this frequency, to go above it. I asked would we get lost if we did that? I heard no, not if you're making the intention to go where your Higher Self is. Start practicing moving into those dimensions where you can feel the frequency of the higher parts of you. Feel what they're doing and how your view of this world changes when you're viewing it from a higher place.

Tunnel of Light - Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
Make the intention to dive through the tunnel of light

How do you do it? Sit or lie on your bed and close your eyes. Make the intention to dive through a tunnel of light that'll take you to your Higher Self. Invoke the protective blue light of Christ to be with you. It's a practice Source would like us to get used to doing. We all need to get out of the mire of what's going on here. Here we only look for who's wrong and who's more guilty. Source is saying we have to start feeling things from a higher frequency to make it into a new reality based in love and we can experience that by going through the tunnel of light.

To Avoid A Flood

To avoid any flood, one must go to higher ground. And when you said go to your higher self, that's what it meant - go to a higher place, go to our higher selves.

The tunnel of light - Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
To avoid any flood, one must go to higher ground.

Then you mentioned Christ. That connects the dots because the Holly berries are out at the Holy time of Christ at Christmas. We're being advised to connect with the holiness of ourselves, to go above the red of manifest creation into that higher self. It would be good to allay fears about wormholes and the tunnel of light, too. Science has led us to believe that wormholes are negative. We don't know but in our experience, they are not negative. It's an entrance to another reality, or a different frequency. So let's take the fear out of that in case anybody might've thought, these guys are asking us to go down a black hole. Remember, many people who have had a near death experience (NDE) report going through a tunnel of light. There's no fear - it's all to do with your intention. Make your intentions pure and wholesome and holy, and then you will not go wrong when you go through the tunnel of light.

Aingeal Rose sees the Tunnel of Light

This is a white, white wormhole or tunnel of light, not a black hole. It looks like a movie depicts a time tunnel, nothing black about it. I brought the blue light of Christ protection with me and I was overwhelmed with the peace and calm of Source. Then my breathing changed. Source said yes, you have to breathe as if you were doing a rebirthing breath and let it come into your true selves. Then I saw pink light like soft love.

I asked should I look back at the Earth from this place and I heard no, not yet.

Just be here, just get used to being in this space and breathing it in and let it move through your body. I heard we can't get out of this world situation from the level it's at. It doesn't matter what anybody's doing on this level because this isn't where it can be remedied. It has to be remedied from a higher frequency. So, practice going through the tunnel of light into the higher self, be with it, breathe and let it integrate into your physical body because we have to be raised higher in order to accomplish anything.

Ahonu’s Experience

I had an option to go 2 ways. One was a whirlpool with water going down while the other was a tornado going up. I had the choice and then the choice didn't matter to me. I was in a vortex where I didn't know whether it was actually down like a whirlpool or up like a tornado. I had no idea except that it was twirling, just like that tunnel of light. It was as if I had memory loss - all my memory of this life and past lives all vanished. The memories of struggle and strife and hardship and pain and distress was gone. Then I felt I was washed up on a new Earth.

Tunnel of Light - Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
The new Earth was beautiful, it was safe, it was nurturing, it was kind, and it was extraordinarily loving.

It was wonderful going through the tunnel of light. It felt glorious, it felt I had arrived in a world of all possibilities. This world was beautiful, it was safe, it was nurturing, it was kind, and it was extraordinarily loving. πŸ”₯

We will be reconnecting with you again in the very near future to progress this down-stepping on learning how to be in this world. Please leave us your comments about your experience with the tunnel of light, or any questions, and we'll be here for you. It is our destiny. Until then. Thanks and bye,

Your destiny is your opportunity - Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

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