Reflections Of The New Timeline

Creation Awareness Life Consciousness 3 min read , December 7, 2023

Visions And Experiences From A Group Meditation

The New Timeline, from Reflections In Consciousness #22 at

The video recording of the 22nd Reflections In Consciousness group meditation on the New Timeline is now in the World of Empowerment Community in the course section here.

The video recording of the 22nd Reflections In Consciousness session is now in the World of Empowerment Community in the course section.

In the 22nd Reflections In Consciousness session, we had visions and experiences of what the new timeline looks and feels like! Members can login to watch the replay FOC, but if you have not yet joined the World of Empowerment community, here is your invitation:!

We set out to understand and share with each other our experiences of the new timeline. To do that, we began a meditative exercise to tune into the new timeline and differentiate it from the old one. Then we discussed our visions, insights, and health experiences related to the new paradigm.

  • We were amazed by the vivid visions and profound experiences that emerged during the group meditation.
  • The new timeline revealed itself to us in ways we never expected, leaving us in awe of its transformative power.
  • Our discussions brought forth a wealth of insights and personal stories that deepened our understanding of the new paradigm.

Here is a summary of our findings about the new timeline:

  1. The first participant shared her experiences of love and acceptance in the new timeline, followed by the contrast of ups and downs, including sickness and fatigue, of the old one.
  2. The next person expressed feeling the new timeline as lighter and luminous, perceiving DNA reprogramming and a consciousness upgrade. She also found comfort in the guidance of her spirit guides regarding future concerns.
  3. Others mentioned feeling a cellular shift after inner work and being reassured by her spirit team of her presence on the new timeline.
  4. One participant raised questions about the timing of the shift, leading to a discussion about the difficulty of pinpointing a specific date for such changes and whether it was an inflection point.
  5. Multiple participants shared their visions of the new paradigm, including experiencing powerful love, peace, mutual support, cooperation, and a world filled with joy and care.
  6. The new paradigm was described as bright, cooperative, associated with the Age of Aquarius, and filled with love, joy, and mutual support.
  7. Various personal experiences were shared, including some positive health changes. Ahonu shared his experiences of sacred site activation, dizziness, vivid dreams, and synchronicities, and Aingeal Rose's experiences of abundance and fluidity.
  8. One person shared a vision of being lifted from a deep valley to an open countryside, evoking feelings of freedom and choice.
  9. Others saw angel wings, symbolizing freedom and flight, while another described a Native American rock carving with two timelines, feeling reassured about cures for everything on the new timeline.
  10. All the participants shared positivity, support, and reassurance, affirming that everyone is on the new timeline. They all recounted their experiences of the energy switch, which included changes in sleep patterns, vivid dreams, increased energy, and synchronicities.
  11. Ahonu contrasted the rigid nature of the old timeline with the flexible, fluid, and fear-free attributes of the new timeline. He reflected on the decision to choose happiness in every moment, the speeding up of time, changing brain patterns, grid patterns, and faster manifestation.
  12. Aingeal Rose and Ahonu discussed the contrast between the old and new paradigms, with the old feeling like trudging through mud and the new timeline embracing expansive joy.
  13. Finally, the Great Bell Chant was recited, focusing on the prayer for the cessation of suffering, understanding, and transcendence, revoking thoughts of suffering with understanding and love, providing calm and peace to the mind and body.

With huge thanks for all your sharing and insights. Blessings and bye for now,

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu in gratitude for the people in this New Timeline meetup
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