Penny Kelly on ETs & Energetic Upgrades

Cosmos Life Consciousness 8 min read , May 8, 2023

Penny Kelly, in a revealing interview with Ahonu & Aingeal Rose, discusses ETs, energetic upgrades, consciousness, healing, the future, and more!

The following is a dialog between Penny Kelly and Aingeal Rose & Ahonu. You can watch it on YouTube by clicking the image above, or listen on our podcast here.

Ahonu: Well, it's great to see you again, Penny. A lot has happened since we last spoke.

Penny Kelly: That's an understatement.

Ahonu: You've been in hospital. Aingeal Rose was in hospital. We've had great ICU experiences. My God, it's been traumatic.

Penny Kelly: I bet.

Ahonu: It's been traumatic. I didn't know what to do with myself. Seeing her going off with an ambulance, that's a scary thing.

Penny Kelly: It is. I didn't have a spouse who was freaking out. I had four kids and they were same thing.

Ahonu: Yeah, I know. Yeah, it's a big deal. It's the strangest thing that even though you might have some idea of what's going on spiritually, nonetheless, when it happens, it really shakes you up.

Penny Kelly: Yeah. There is no getting around the physical. That's something to contend with.

Aingeal Rose: Well, I was telling Ahonu that just before that happened, I was dreaming, and in the dream, and now I understand what it was, but before I was dreaming, I was in this beautiful modern office building, right? Beautifully decorated, very elegant. I was part of a team of four. Our job was to find out the secret of the Chinese on how they could regulate temperature.

They had a whole clothing line and it had something to do with the success of the clothes, had something to do with the temperature. So that was our job, right? So I went back to sleep, and when I woke up again, before he took me to the hospital, it was the same dream, except that there were four men and me, and I had the sense there was another woman, but I couldn't see her. They were all in a corner, huddling, talking. Well, what's interesting is that the hospital I was in was super modern. All the doctors I had were Eastern Indian, and the temperature, I looked it up and I thought, maybe they're telling me I need a Chinese doctor to regulate my inner temperature because I've been getting very cold and it's not cold here. It's in the 70s and lower 80s and I sit here shivering.

My temperature's off. So I thought, maybe that's what that's telling me because I thought the Chinese, the secrets of the Chinese, but maybe they know something. Maybe that's what I surmised. Maybe I should see a Chinese doctor.

Penny Kelly: I think you are practicing. The clothing is your body. It's what you wear when you come here.

Aingeal Rose: We figured it was a premonition of some kind. I thought I might die in because there's new clothes over there in the corner. Oh, why? Get rid of this one. Anyway, enough about me.

Penny Kelly: Well, I'm glad that you're better.

Ahonu: Well, the one thing I just want to mention real quick, we do want to talk about aliens today because that's what we had planned on talking about. Just to mention real quick, Penny, that ever since your experience in hospital when you talked about that being an upgrade, we've had so much feedback also from our people about upgrades. What really surprised me was when we put it out to our list of people that she was in hospital, they were all saying, Oh, my God, the same thing happened to me, or I just got home from hospital as well, or I've had high blood pressure this last while, or I've been feeling dizzy. And it's not just one or two, it's not random. It's a lot of people. Have you had that same experience?

Penny Kelly: Exactly. It's the strangest thing.

Aingeal Rose: And that was at the bottom of my list, Penny, but apparently he's addressing it now.

Penny Kelly: Okay. When I came out of the hospital, I was talking with John Peterson because I'm getting ready to go to the Arlington Institute. And I was telling him that I had spent half the time in the hospital bed and the other half on board the ship where they were working on me and telling me that I was getting this upgrade because it would make it easier for me to manage the high frequency area that our planet had moved into. And John said, Oh, my God, that's the same thing. He said, I just thought they were the wildest dreams. I'm on board this spaceship and talking with these other beings. And so ended up I have nine people on my list that I know personally that have had the same thing. This sudden spike in something and into the hospital and come out and everything goes back to normal.

Aingeal Rose: Well, it was interesting because I asked Ahonu what was going on that night and he said, well, it was a new moon, but there was that eclipse across the world in Australia or something. When I just journaled about it yesterday, the first thing I put down was frequency overload, that my battery couldn't handle the frequency overload. It was like I got struck by lightning in my ear or something, because that's how it hurt. And then all of a sudden I couldn't hear.

Ahonu: And there were striking numbers, too. I'm sure you know, and we've told you before, and we've spoken before, but Aingeal Rose being born on 11-11, and I'm born on 2-11. And so all those 11-11s keep coming up. But the numbers on the hospital monitors beside the bed, I don't know, there was mean average, whatever, of 111. And then there was some other numbers that were showing 22s all the time.

Penny Kelly: Yeah, that was my room at the hospital. I was in that one.

Ahonu: And she was in room 11. I mean, it's astonishing. On a level, you can say, they're just coincidences. But when they start stacking up like that.

Penny Kelly: I know.

Ahonu: Then it makes you stop and think, Okay, what's going on here? It was also a moment where we're in the hospital room, and I'm talking to my kids, two of my children were there, and then we saw this woman that I know from way back and hadn't seen her, hadn't heard from her, didn't know anything about her. Nobody had put out anything at that point. And she just knew that I was in that hospital and what room I was in. And she walked in and she said, you really got a good hospital room number. She said it was... I was like, oh, my God. And she proceeded to chat for a while. And then she just left. It wasn't visiting hours and nobody stopped her and she didn't stop to ask where I was because she knew that it wasn't visiting hours. And so it's one of those good little things.

And one other thing I just want to say about this, because I know Aingeal Rose doesn't want to dwell on the focus on herself. But I found it intriguing that you know how, in the work that we all do, we're aware that there is a pharmaceutical element that is somewhat destructive, let's say. They want to push drugs on you and they want to... So here's the thing. We found the opposite to that in our experience in the hospital this time. They were the nicest, they were the friendliest, they were the most professional. They didn't try to push anything. They told us everything they were doing. Everything was down to our choice, Aingeal's choice. And it was a very different experience than anything we've ever experienced in a hospital before.

Aingeal Rose in hospital just like Penny Kelly was in February

Aingeal Rose: When I went to the emergency room, of course, they ask you all these questions, and the first thing they said was, Have you been vaccinated? And I said, No, and I don't want to be. And they said, Well, we're right there with you. That was an interesting response.

Penny Kelly: I threatened my doctors, the operating team, when I got into the operating room just before they put me out, I said, And don't you dare vaccinate me or sneak me any of that vaccine juice while I'm under. And they burst out laughing and said, Don't worry, we won't.

Aingeal Rose: You do have that thought, though, don't you? I had that thought when they put something in your IV, it's like, What are you really putting in my IV? No, they were very, very they were very good. And of course, I'm on blood pressure medicine now and dizzy medicine. But I came home and I thought to myself, Who gives a shit? At this stage, who cares? Just let me not have to fall over and let my blood pressure not be 250 over 100, something, which is what it was.

The rest of the dialog remains unformatted. Please listen or watch the video. Thanks.

Ahonu & Aingeal Rose

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