#18 We have an opportunity now to evolve.

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We have an opportunity... is the 18th of 4,000 profound statements from the Akashic Records by Aingeal Rose. The statements come from a series of Akashic Records sessions held in Ireland and the USA over several years, starting in 2013. The transcripts from these sessions became the 100-book Answers From The Akashic Records series (https://links.ahonu.com/aftar).

We have an opportunity... Answers From The Akashic Records with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

The 18th statement says,

“We have an opportunity now to evolve our species beyond a very old paradigm.”

Sample Answers From The Akashic Records with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Q: I am part of an Indigo group where several members have committed suicide. Is it actually an opportunity for them to evolve?

AR: As you know, a lot of people just want to go Home. I do readings with people all the time, and a lot of people are expressing the desire to leave because their lives have become extremely difficult, whether it’s financially or emotionally or because they have never felt at home here at all. People are also saying that they feel some anxiety as if something is coming. But Source is telling me right now that we need to remember that we are in a cleansing. This is an interesting process that we are in because we actually have an incredible potential and opportunity to evolve our species beyond a very old paradigm. The old paradigm was a paradigm of limitation and bondage.

So what’s happening now is that we have all conveniently done a really good job of hiding a lot of our unhealed issues. The thing about Indigo’s specifically is, because they are so sensitive, they will feel the collective energy more so than most asleep people would. A lot of them are feeling the pressure of that and just don’t think they can handle it. They’re really making the choice to go Home. This is what Source is saying.

However, they don’t understand that they are missing their greatest opportunity for healing. We are all being challenged right now and we are being challenged in increasing amounts. As more light comes into this planet and increases, it brings up all our unhealed issues. The love of Creator has sent many blessings to us over the past year and love brings up anything unlike itself. You might have heard that phrase that anything unnatural to love will come up. That’s what’s happening to us. All of our denials of love and the many forms that it takes are coming up and it’s coming out. Not only is it coming out in us, it’s coming out into the environment.

What you have is collective, unhealed issues floating around in the environment and Indigos especially, are very sensitive to that and a lot of it feels like grief and fear and sorrow. Another way it manifests is as pressure, pressure on the consciousness, pressure on the psyche. I do need to say that there is no judgment in suicide. Source is a loving presence and people who come to Earth have a particular contract and are free to opt out of their contract without judgment. You are free to do anything that you want. So if somebody commits suicide and opts out, there isn’t going to be any judgment about that from Source. However, it won’t change the fact that every single spirit is on its own journey back to Source and you don’t miraculously become masterful by committing suicide.

The only thing suicide will do is get you out of this dimension. It won’t take away the fact that your soul still has to learn, to grow, and still wants to achieve mastery. Ultimately every soul becomes a father. I’m using that word just now for language reasons. It becomes masterful, and a powerful creator in its own right. This is what all evolving beings do.

We’re all evolving ultimately to become eternal life beings. This is the time for this opportunity and it is rapid. The thing is, we’re here for cleansing, both personal and collective. This is why you’re hearing so many people say that it is so important now to pay attention to your consciousness and your thoughts. You must realize that you are the decider. Even if you’re having a bad day, and feeling horrible pressure and feeling depressed, there is nothing stopping you or anybody, from taking out a pen and paper and starting to write down your feelings to see what is at the root of them.

This is a simple thing to do and it is very powerful. This does require more responsibility from all of us, more conscious awareness of ourselves, and more exploration into what we really feel and believe. This is needed to get at the root of what is surfacing, to get at the root of each one of us. When we start to feel down or when we feel that pressure, we feel that fear. If you don’t really know what is functioning within you, you won’t know what to change or choose. You won’t know how to redefine something to yourself.

As far as suicide is concerned, you are watching people leave because they are sensitive and under pressure. The other thing too is that, after talking to many people who have had healing careers, they too are reporting that suddenly it is getting difficult for them. They are no longer able to support their business, and they want to leave because of that. This is another wonderful opportunity though, to redefine yourself. In the sense of, if I’m not going to be doing my healing work, is there something else that I’ve always wanted to do with my life that I could do now?

Instead of opting out and saying, well I’m 50-something, I’m 60-something, I just want to leave here, I’m done, I’m tired. The truth is that life is unlimited. There is unlimited opportunity in life. Life always continues. Life does not end. There are always more opportunities. We have to get a hold of ourselves and become the creators that we are.

This is Source’s answer. On the one hand Source does not judge anybody who takes themselves out of their contract. Again it’s not going to magically erase the challenges that they have as a soul. At some point they will be given the opportunity again in another time perhaps. Certainly they would be able to go home and rest if they wish.

Ultimately we all becoming masterful and if you opt out now then you will just be given another opportunity to do it later. Source also encourages us to learn that life has unlimited opportunities in it and we actually need every soul that we can get right now to tip the scales so that we are bringing forth this Paradise Earth timeline. This is what you are to do. This is what most of the indigos are here to do, to switch tracks so that we are bringing in this Paradise reality instead of the manifestation of more suppression of freedoms.

Q: What kind of opportunity does an Akashic Records reading offer me?

A: In the Akashic Records books, we speak with Source on a wide variety of topics. Since the questions participants have asked are wide and varied, the answers cover levels ranging from the strictly mundane (or 3D perspective) to the deeply spiritual. Amazingly, there are core themes that run through each topic:

~ There is a Higher Plan in Creation

~ We are part of the carrying forward and success of this Plan

~ Each of us shapes our souls and contributes to the Whole

You may also see some profound statements about the negative agenda (NA) plan vs. the Plan of God Source. This is to show the contrast between them and to discern the myriad of influences present in our world. This contrast leads us to the realization that these polarities exist within us as our ‘split mind’, which influences our brain-body composition.

Since our outer world reflects our inner world, the decisions we make determine which ‘plan’ we are energizing. That we experience continual conflict with these aspects of ourselves is obvious. Source has made it very clear throughout these transcripts that its intention for all Creation is joy, freedom, unlimited opportunity and the extension of love. Therefore, correction at the level of the split mind is necessary to manifest Source’s intention in this world.

Source desires to get these messages across to us, some of which we can only grasp at our own level of understanding.

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