The Matrix, Mermaids, Pornography, and Love

Creation Awareness Life God Consciousness 4 min read , March 2, 2024

Join Aingeal Rose & Ahonu as they explore the mystical origins and roles of mermaids, confront the fears rooted in past lives, and challenge the matrix with Source's wisdom. We share heartening tales of energetic bonds with pets, examine the prophetic resilience of the human spirit, and embrace love's boundless essence.

Embrace your journey towards spiritual oneness, free from the shackles of ancestral trauma, as we question the norms and unlock the secrets to living light. Tune in to transcend the physical and discover the unlimited consciousness within this group Akashic Records World of Empowerment Podcast about The Matrix, Mermaids, Pornography, and Love.

🎙️ Dive into a profound exploration of personal and planetary healing in the latest episode of our podcast - The Matrix, Mermaids, Pornography, and Love.

Our hosts, Aingeal Rose and Ahonu, along with an insightful lineup of guests, including Frances, Terry, Marie, Margaret, and Kim, delve deep into topics that marry spirituality with practical wellness.

🌿 Zen and the Art of Cleansing:

- Aingeal Rose provides a heartfelt testimonial on the transformative health benefits of ZenCleanz's fermented mushrooms, including a substantial decrease in cholesterol levels.

🧜‍♀️ Mysteries of the Depths Unveiled:

- Data is only the beginning. Explore merpeople's existence and roles as environmental custodians of our oceanic realms, asking the questions we all ponder but rarely voice.

💖 Love, Light, and Life Lessons:

- From the efficacy of Akashic Records in understanding love, sending healing emerald light to the Earth, to overcoming subconscious fears in the matrix, this episode is a compelling convergence of the spiritual and the personal.

🌟 3 Key Takeaways:

- Holistic Wellness: Personal stories about natural health products like ZenCleanz remind us of the alternatives available that can align with our journey towards holistic wellness.

- Deepening Spiritual Connection: Engaging discussions on the Akashic Records and energetic imprints encourage us to dive deeper into our spiritual practices and connections.

- Universal Love and Healing: Emphasizing a world beyond physical and material bounds of the matrix, the episode bridges our understanding of universal love, healing, and the inherent resilience of the human spirit.

🔗 Don't miss this profound blend of spirituality, wellness, and intuitive clarity. Tune in today to transform your perspective - one enlightening insight at a time.

The Matrix, Mermaids, Pornography, and Love

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Timestamps for The Matrix, Mermaids, Pornography, and Love:

  • 00:00 Group session discusses theme of love, introduction.
  • 06:17 Ancient race connected to stars, genetics, procreation.
  • 15:51 Living off prana, challenges of societal food norms.
  • 16:51 Struggle to be vegetarian; it's about perception.
  • 23:31 Soul seeks acknowledgement, walks counterclockwise, then forward.
  • 26:02 Using Course in Miracles to choose peace.
  • 29:42 Connecting with Source gives immediate answers, empowerment.
  • 33:59 Acknowledging human experience, concerned about potential harm.
  • 39:07 Connecting with Jesus and the universe's divinity.
  • 41:49 Religion's impact on guilt and judgment explained.
  • 47:06 Supply chain problems cause soaring prices, delays.
  • 51:19 Urging to find direct route to God.
  • 56:33 Trauma, pets, purpose, connection, unity in spirituality.
  • 01:00:55 Fermented mushrooms improved cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • 01:01:46 Closing prayer.

Questions to ask yourself after watching:

  1. How can ZenCleanz products, particularly the fermented enzymes, impact long-term health and wellness, and what personal experiences do listeners have with such cleanses?
  2. In what ways do you think the concept of "returning to divine purity," as suggested by ZenCleanz's messaging, resonates with the broader theme of awakening and self-empowerment discussed on the show?
  3. What do you believe is the relationship between physical cleanses, like liver detoxes, and spiritual practices such as meditating with emerald green light for healing the Earth?
  4. Can the belief in mythological beings like mermaids and mermen enhance our understanding of our environmental responsibilities, and how do legends intersect with environmental activism?
  5. How do our past life experiences and ancestral memories contribute to our present fears, such as the fear of starvation, and what techniques could help us overcome these deeply ingrained fears?
  6. The idea of the matrix and our unlimited consciousness was discussed in the context of David Icke's work. How can individuals practically apply the concept of detaching from the matrix's influence in their daily lives?
  7. In considering the emotional bonds we have with domestic pets, how might we explore and understand the spiritual connections we share with our animal companions from a past life perspective?
  8. How do the views presented on the podcast about love, guilt, and judgment align or contrast with traditional religious teachings, and what impact might this have on personal belief systems?
  9. What do you believe is the purpose of our existence in the spirit realm, and how does the concept of oneness with the universe influence our choices in the physical world of the matrix regarding reincarnation?
  10. Discussing the future, how can the idea of a potential catastrophic event in the matrix be balanced with the notion of human resilience and spiritual awakening, and what steps can individuals take to emotionally prepare for such possibilities?

Soak in these insights, stories, and so much more in this episode about the Matrix and more, dedicated to the boundless potential within every one of us. Remember to join us for our upcoming online event for Akashic Records course students, where we'll continue to expand on these enlightening subjects.

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The Matrix, Mermaids, Pornography, and Love
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