The Ending of Evil

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The Ending of Evil by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

To finish the last chapter of her book, A Time of Change, Aingeal Rose had Ahonu ask her critical questions about the ending of evil while she was in the Akashic Records. Here are the questions he asked:

  1. What is Source's definition of evil?
  2. Is there such a thing as a devil?
  3. Can there ever be an end to evil?
  4. Is there anything we could or should be doing to help end evil?
  5. In a polarized universe, does it mean both good and evil are in everyone and everything?
  6. Does evil exist outside of ourselves?
  7. Does evil exist in other planes of existence?
  8. Is evil the same in all dimensions?
  9. Will we ever have a positive world here where we aren't constantly fighting for survival against evil?
  10. Can evil be forgiven and what does the forgiveness of evil look like?

Aingeal Rose: I immediately saw this beautiful, Royal blue and violet light. And that was a confirmation for me that we are in truth today. Source has heard us. It knows what we're going to be asking. And then I also, after that, saw red and the feeling I got immediately was the contrast between the frequencies.

In other words, when you're in Royal blue and violet, it's very uplifting. It's lofty, it's spiritual. You're in these higher energies of truth, and when I see the red, it looks like a much denser vibration. And I felt like it was telling me the contrast between the spiritual and the material, in terms of frequencies, is that, and maybe it's going to be all about frequencies, but the higher colors seem to be more God-like, if you will.

The lower ones seem to be functioning at such a slow vibration. In other words, that in and of itself, is a bit of a limitation in terms of the contrast of what I'm seeing. That's initially what I got. Did you get anything initially?

Ahonu: I did. I got what looked like packages coming into our consciousness and they were like what might be called a payload, like, say in military warfare, an airplane would be carrying explosives. They call that the payload.

I suppose it's a way for them to overcome the evil that it might be carrying. Nice way to say that they're carrying something that's going to have some payback for somebody. But anyway, irrespective of that, it was like that there was these packages of payload in our consciousness. And our questions will be, of course, how to get out of that, or relieve that, or remove that or whatever. But that's what I was seeing was these packages that are in our thinking, in our awareness, in our bodies perhaps, in our DNA, maybe, I don't know, we'll find out, but there's this payload that we're carrying.

And then the other thing I saw was that there were scratches on our, let's say, if you could call it our blueprint. Because I was seeing a kind of a drawing, like you might say, an architect's drawing of a building, a drawing, a blueprint of our body, and it had these scratches on it, and those scratches seemed to me to be the subject of our discussion today. That, in other words, what we think might be perfect or should be perfect, has these scratches and imperfections on it. So, that's what I saw initially.

Aingeal Rose: Okay.

Ahonu: Our first question Aingeal Rose, what is Source's definition of evil?

Aingeal Rose: I'm first seeing actually beautiful yellow light, like sunshine, which is kind of an odd thing to see first, but I know Source well enough to know if I don't start there It won't give me the rest. So, what I hear Source saying from Its perspective, It doesn't see evil. It doesn't acknowledge evil. There's no definition of evil because, to It there's only love and sunshine, and that's what It's acknowledging as the only truth. I can't say anything more than that about it.

Ahonu: Well, our next question you may have already answered it. What does Source have to say about evil in our world?

Aingeal Rose: What I'm seeing is souls that so don't know that they're loved and don't believe that they're loved and it's really, it's sad. I feel sadness round this when I asked Source that question is like, it's saying, "My poor children, they don't know or realize the love that's there". The void of love is what the answer really is. Devoid of love. But I feel injury attached to it. It didn't just happen that way. It's like it became that way through probably traumas. Could it be through lifetimes? Who knows? But it seems to come out of it's creatures feeling devoid of love or being devoid of love.

Ahonu: Funny you should use that word ‘devoid’ because when you break it up, it says the-void.

Aingeal Rose: Yeah.

Ahonu: Okay. Our next question. Does God see any good in evil?

Aingeal Rose: No, I don't think it sees any good in evil. I don't feel that it has a purpose. That's kind of the same question. I don't say that evil has a purpose. In other words. there's no good purpose to evil, but it does require us being able to come more into love itself because it's reminding us love doesn't exclude, love has compassion, love has caring.

In other words, it wouldn't be something that Source says you have to try to abolish evil because it's an effect. Evil is an effect of creatures that are feeling devoid of love. So, the correction is always to offer compassion and actually not be, not be invested in healing it. Which is an interesting answer.

It's more of a place that wants us to hold in our hearts or our minds because it's not everything's ready to be healed or receive love. But within ourselves, it's asking us to, instead of looking upon it with hatred, which only makes it bigger, actually, if we could hold it in our hearts, compassion and forgiveness.

Forgiveness isn't even the right word. You know, it's using forgiveness in the sense of, erasing in our hearts the trauma that perhaps beings that are evil have experienced. Okay. We could hold a space of higher compassion and love. That's what it was asking us to do. And it's being clear to say, it's a place to hold in our heart, not to take an action.

In other words, don't go thinking you're gonna go heal every evil person or try to fix them because it's not the answer either. It's already coming from a place of rejection. Okay.

Ahonu: That's an interesting answer, that in this dimensional space where we are, we're familiar with the sun shining light on something. So, there's light coming from a Source, and we've equated that with light coming from God.

But, there's a flaw in that thinking. And the flaw is that the light from the sun or a candle or an artificial light, any kind of light, casts a shadow, and that's what's causing the perception of shadow or evil. Now, in the eyes of God Source, the light is everywhere, so it doesn't cast a shadow. So, there's no shadow in the light of God.

That's the difference between the way we perceive light and the way God perceives light. And that's our perception then of where evil is. Evil lies in the shadows.

Aingeal Rose: Right. Because it's even reminding us. A simple analogy is that on a cloudy day, when the sun's not shining through, people's moods change. They get a little down, and sometimes if it's cloudy for too long, they just say, “Oh, I'm in darkness”. But Source is reminding us that beyond the clouds is always the sun. The sun is always shining, even if it's a cloudy day, and that's the constant, the light of God is always shining. Just like you said. Shadows are really illusion.

Ahonu: The next question is a play on the word evil. Because devil just has a single letter in front of it, D-evil. Is there such a thing as a devil?

Aingeal Rose: How Source is answering that is that there is D-evolution. There are creatures out there, Source is saying, that wreak havoc and that try to thwart life or happiness. There are forces out there that do that. And again, it wants us to remember who we're talking about. We're talking about damaged spirits or souls who cannot embrace the light of God, or love. Misery loves company.

So, of course there's creatures that are interested in bringing other people into their darkness or destroying the light because they could be angry at God or angry at somebody. There's an element of anger there in terms of revenge. There are creatures, and we could call that a devil, as yes, there are beings that would be considered devils.

Ahonu: Or de-evolved?

Aingeal Rose: Or devils that are interested in that, actually, the D-evolution of the light, so yes, the answer to that is yes. That's the answer to that.

Ahonu: Next question. Will evil forces take over our world at this time?

Aingeal Rose: I just got dizzy when you asked that question, isn't that interesting? I don't see that. What Source is saying to me is that there's more love and good in the world. What I got was a picture of the good in the world being this beautiful blue that I started with, that is pervading across the world.

It's beautiful love. You do have the forces of darkness too. They look like they're beneath the surface. In other words, they're not this all-encompassing round global energy. They look like they're subterranean. So no, I don't think that they're going to take over the world. They look like they emerge and they cause all kinds of troubles, and this has been throughout history, is that they bubble up from underground and they try to, but the sources of love and light are stronger because love is the strongest element in the universe and it's still present. It's still all-pervasive. So no, I don't think that they're going to take over the world.

Ahonu: Can there ever be an end to evil in general?

Aingeal Rose: Yes. When all the broken hearts are healed. But you know, it takes a higher consciousness of the people to understand that that's part of what loving means. It's to not have hatred for anything. We have to resolve hatred within ourselves. We have to basically purify our hearts so that we're, we don't go to evil desires ourselves or hatred desires when we're confronted with negative forces.

It wants us to hold a space of love, like it said before, without thinking that you have to go save the world.

Ahonu: You're answering the next question. Is there anything we could or should be doing to help end evil? And what you're saying is hold as the highest.

Aingeal Rose: I feel like we have to move into the higher frequencies of love. In other words, it's interesting that when I go into these records, for example, and Source is present, I'm immediately moved into this beautiful, peaceful, loving, intelligent, higher place of being. I'm uplifted. Just like I said when I started, a beautiful Royal blue and violet, and I'm in these higher realms where there is no negativity at all.

There isn't any. And so, while I'm in it, I'm in it. But as soon as I close the records and I'm in my normal life, I don't always maintain that frequency. And what it's saying is that we all need to be moving our consciousness into to the higher realms of being in love. And that requires self-examination, self-purification.

So, we have a responsibility in ourselves to heal our own belief in darkness and its effect on us. Like you mentioned earlier, we all have shadow areas that aren't healed in us. It could be our own trauma. It could be our own misperceptions of what God's all about. So, we have our responsibility to raise ourselves into a higher place of dignity.

Ahonu: I'm getting an answer to that. In the light of what I got earlier on payload. Can you remember a few years ago, we interviewed a man who was charged in the Air Force with carrying an atomic bomb, and he actually refused under threat of military tribunal and being dishonorably discharged and court-martialed and all of that, but he refused! To me, that was an enormous act of courage.

And it's like that that I think we're being challenged to say, are you going to continue carrying this payload in your consciousness, or are you going to refuse to carry it anymore and only carry love? And perhaps that analogy is perfect in the sense that that does require a step up, as you say, a step up into the higher realms. A step up into consciousness. A step into courage that says, no, I'm refusing, despite all these threats, I'm refusing to carry an evil payload with me. And do you know, as soon as I said that, it felt as if that blueprint with the scratch in it was erased, that you had a perfect blueprint.

Aingeal Rose: Well, I'm also getting that Source wants to remind us that the higher levels are our worth, where true power is. On the one hand, it's not asking us to condone or accept actions that harm people. For example, let's just say you're in an abusive situation and the person abusing you is considered evil. It's not asking you to put up with that indefinitely. It's telling you, on the level of physicality, you would take an action to remove that influence out of a situation, however you have to do it, right? But this is talking about on the level of true healing. When you're asking the question, will we ever not have evil in this world? It has to be done from a higher level, of inward cleansing for ourselves, for others, from the idea of evil in general.

But not on a physical level. When there are situations, Source is calling it very mundane, those situations in comparison to what we're talking about, you would remove a criminal from a situation. You would remove those that are trying to enforce evil. You'd put them away somewhere or you take them out of society. But you can do that with sanity, with compassion

Ahonu: In a polarized universe, does it mean both good and evil are in everyone and everything?

Aingeal Rose: Source is first explaining polarization. It's saying that in healthy polarization, its forces of nature that act upon each other to cause growth, stimulus, in other words. Right. Positive and negative, electrical and magnetic. It's using those examples and saying those things are forces of nature, when they're healthy. that catalyze growth. In relation to what we're talking about, that type of polarization is an illusion. So, on the level that you're asking, no. Good and evil are not in everyone, but trauma is in most people. So, most people have an element of "darkness" or unhealed issues inside of them and the disadvantage also of coming down to a densification. So, you would consider the material universe the red light I spoke of earlier. Coming down into a densification has an element of forgetting to it.

Ahonu: So, the material universe, the polarized universe is not evil in and of itself?

Aingeal Rose: No, it's denser. No, the physical universe is not evil. In fact, if you could see it correctly, it's quite magnificent. If you could look at it, if you were to see it vibrationally, or energetically, you would see nothing but beauty everywhere. Even your physical bodies are made of light and sound. And if you could see it that way, it gives you a whole different perspective.

But it is saying that densification does have an element of forgetfulness attached to it. And so, this is the reason why people forget Source. What I hear Source saying, is this is why they forget me. And also because of that, they lose their own sense of identity.

Ahonu: We've got three questions coming together. Does evil exist outside of ourselves? Does it exist in other planes of existence, and is evil the same in all dimensions?

Aingeal Rose: Well, Source is going to say yes to that only because the evil that may exist in you, let's say, as an individual is your evil, and we're talking evil equating to shadow, to unhealed trauma, to our own darkness, personal, evil. The evil that would exist in you and the evil that exist in me might not be the same.

Ahonu: But collectively it's the same?

Aingeal Rose: Collectively. It’s defining evil as the shadow in each of us.

Ahonu: Can it exist outside of us personally?

Aingeal Rose: Yes. In other words, in the context that your evil might not be the same as mine. You could have more evil and I could have less. Somebody else might have a different proportion. So, this is the proportion of how much we love or don't love ourselves.

Ahonu: So, does evil exist?

Aingeal Rose: There are other planes of existence that have the same problem. Same conditions. Yes.

Ahonu: And is that evil in those other planes of existence the same in all the dimensions? In other words, is it all the lack of love or the forgetting of love?

Aingeal Rose: It would all be the same. Yes. I feel such sorrow from Source when you asked that question. Source considers it sad that unfortunately, yes, there are many of my creations that are not aware of my love. Devoid of love is what it keeps saying, devoid of love, which equals a devolution.

Ahonu: Coming right down now to the Earth plane, will we ever have a positive world here where we aren't constantly fighting for survival against evil?

Aingeal Rose: You know, what I'm feeling is that we may always have some form of evil here, and it's putting it in context to say that we have to consider how vast is the universe? How old is the Earth? How many millions of years we have been in existence? How many elements and life forms there are?

It's also wanting to include that evil isn't just people. There's evil in animals. There's evil in plant life. There's evil in elements, the way some have come together. It's pervasive. We may not have the proportion that we have now. In other words, as I was seeing that contrast before about love being so pervasive on the Earth and the darkness being sub, it looked like it was half and half. But when you asked that question, it looks like the degree of love is three quarters or even more, and the darkness is diminished. So, you could look forward to the diminishment of it where it really isn't a problem anymore. In other words, when it comes up, the collective looks like it deals with it compassionately right away. But to say that you'll never have that surface, I'm not seeing that at this point.

Ahonu: Last question. Can evil be forgiven and what does the forgiveness of evil look like?

Aingeal Rose: We've already answered that with Source’s answers. It would say, forgiveness is the same as compassion. So, are you meaning it in a different way? Are you meaning forgiveness? What way are you asking the questions? I get the feeling you have some preconceived idea about the word forgiveness.

Ahonu: Well, coming from the word fore-given, is it a foregone conclusion that evil is, as you say, just a lack of love, or a suffering from trauma, or a distancing from God's love, that in a sense, never happened in the first place, but it's our perception that it did. So, the question is, can that perception be forgiven and what does that forgiveness of evil look like for us on the Earth?

Aingeal Rose: Well, it looks like it's already been forgiven because God has never stopped loving, or caring, or offering more and more opportunities for awakening to love. So, it's already been forgiven and that nothing has been rejected or cast out. Nothing's ever banished from love. So, in that sense, any evil's already been corrected and forgiven.

Ahonu: So, the ending of evil has already happened?

Aingeal Rose: It has already happened from Source’s point of view, but not from us. That's why when we first began the sessions, we asked Source for a definition of evil. It was showing me that, well, I can't really relate to that even. You know, I can't embrace it as a reality, even though it is answering the questions. Did I answer that last question?

Ahonu: Yes, you did. In fact, you answered it beautifully and it brings us to the end on a joyful note, actually; that the ending of evil is already here. It's already done. Yes. Already done!

Aingeal Rose: Yep.

The Ending of Evil by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

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