Is Death Real?

Awareness Life 19 min read , August 1, 2021

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu discuss death and deliver some interesting conclusions at the end (no pun intended).

Ahonu: Death has been coming up for us quite a lot over the last number of years. But with the accelerated pace of change we’re all experiencing in the world, it’s something that needs to be dealt with, and Aingeal Rose is going into some detail with it today.

Aingeal Rose: Right. Well, the reason I want to talk to and talk to you today is because we are in this sped up period of change right now in our world and we are in the releasing of an old paradigm. That old paradigm, I call “the death paradigm” because it’s really everything that has to do with the ego’s world, the ego’s world being one of judgment, blame and feeling like we’re not good enough and placing guilt on other people. It is our selfish desires where we want things as opposed to love. It’s basically everything that causes death. It really is a state of consciousness.

Ahonu: The death paradigm is a way we all think, the way we’ve been believing for centuries, and we’re in a purification process now. It has begun. This is real. This is not a drill. We’re in it.

Aingeal Rose: What does the purification of your SELF really mean? I want to talk about death because many people still think it’s just about switching from, you know, going to work in a physical office to working online. We’re speaking about the death paradigm. We all see death as a kind of justification or a reward or an escape or a punishment. It’s all of those kinds of things, but they’re all misguided.

Is Death Real, by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

We’re not talking about physical death today, although it includes it. It’s the state of mind, really, that has to leave. It’s a state of consciousness, because what we’re really working towards (or what Source is asking us to work towards) is to merge with the magnificence of God’s love, and none of us really knows what that is.

Ahonu: Right. But that requires emptying of everything that’s not that. But how do we clear the death paradigm? Is there even a way to clear it?

Aingeal Rose: Well, there needs to be a willingness to let go of our old beliefs, let go of our old ways of thinking and doing, be willing to find out what God’s love really means. And it involves clearing our bodies, our minds, because all these beliefs and memories of all our lifetimes, not just this one, are stored in our cells. Memories of death is stored in our subconscious mind, which makes our physical body. That means we have things in our bones. We have things in our tissues, in our muscles. And a lot of this causes illness for people. It’s memories that have not been forgiven, not been released, and remain stuck in there.

20 years ago, I had a surgery in my womb and years later I was doing a meditation and the odor of the anesthesia came out of my body. And I just was shocked to say, wow, look at how long that’s been in there. But that stuff locked in there creates pockets of what eventually turns into illness.

Surgery on womb brings up birth and death issues
Photographer: Ava Sol | Source: Unsplash

Ahonu: There’s no doubt we’re in a purification process. Purified means let go, release, allow yourself to be new. Allow yourself to be brand new without knowing what that’s going to mean. And we are going to touch on some ways and techniques and mechanisms to release the death paradigm. But until we get to that, let’s deal with what is becoming known as Ascension - and we’re not talking about the ascension of Jesus. We need to understand what Ascension is. Aingeal Rose, tell us about the whitening effect.

Aingeal Rose: Ascension, in my experience, is about purification. It’s allowing yourself to be operating at a higher state of consciousness, a higher mind. I call it a whitening effect because it brought me back to my book, Love, Miracles and Original Creation. There’s a chapter where we had Source define miracles. It said it has a whitening effect on the body. It showed me a picture as if somebody, you know, just erased everything that had to do with whatever condition was going on and just made it completely white. That’s what clearing actually means. It’s whitening yourself, making yourself completely pure, completely free of all old stuff, including death. That’s what it’s asking for.

That’s what moves you to your higher mind. If you don’t have all those judgments and memories and unforgiving things that have gone on for years, the belief systems that authorities have programed you to believe - if you didn’t have any of that, you’d be more in tune with your own higher self, your own higher mind. You’d have genius thoughts instead of depressed thoughts, you wouldn’t feel inadequate, and you’d know God loves you! You’d be in abundance in everything, which is really what God’s love is all about.

Ahonu: And when you say whitening, is that anything to do with forgiveness? Would forgiveness help with this whitening?

Aingeal Rose: It is part of the process. Forgiveness erases. That’s the proper use of forgiveness. We’re not looking at somebody and saying, well, you did this to me, but I’ll forgive you now but I’m going to hold it in my subconscious memory forever. True forgiveness really means erasing. It is gone from your memory. It’s gone from holding on to any grievance about it and yes, when you do that, you’re canceling out the old paradigm and you’re allowing yourself to be in God’s love. Do you think God’s love contains belief in death?

Ahonu: Great. A little while ago, you created a DNA meditation. But before you go into the detail of that DNA meditation, how is the DNA connected to forgiveness?

DNA Meditation, by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Aingeal Rose: Well, the DNA comes about from your history - you wouldn’t have a DNA if you didn’t have a history. DNA is what makes you, what makes your genetics, based on your past, based on your parents’ past, based on your ancestry - that all forms your particular DNA. So, I created the DNA meditation to help people maneuver through the death paradigm.

You’ll find the DNA meditation at the end of the video linked below. It’s a meditation where you go in and look at your DNA. You look for where the death paradigm is the most prominent in your DNA. It will show up as little dark spots perhaps, or you’ll have memories of some past lives. Then, just like a computer in your mind, you press a delete button and you replace it with God’s love. You don’t have to envision it; you don’t have to know what it looks like, you just put it in there. You’re resetting the death program for yourself. By being willing to surrender yourself to God’s love, you are allowing the higher states of consciousness to emerge.

Ahonu: We put a little caution with that DNA Meditation to say be careful because that DNA meditation is powerful. People have reported serious, beneficial changes. Be prepared for the strength of that DNA meditation and the changes it’ll make in your life.

Aingeal Rose: Yeah, it will bring things up. It could bring up old memories, or things you were hanging on to that you didn’t know you were. You just decide to release and let them go. It doesn’t need any analysis. It just needs you to replace them, intending to be in God’s love.

Ahonu: Another thing, another mechanism, let’s call it, or a method, or a technique that we’ve come upon of late is Voice Code Analysis. And those of you who have been in our circle or on our mailing list, or on our social media pages, will have heard us talk about this recently. We’ve had a lot of feedback from people who are reporting significant benefits from it. It’s bringing up old stuff, releasing the past, embracing forgiveness, releasing the fear of death and all of that, and they feel closer to God’s love from it.

But for those of you who are new to this and haven’t heard about Voice Code Analysis, Aingeal Rose, can you give us a little of background about where it came from and what it does?

Many issues can be tackled using the Voice Code by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Aingeal Rose: Well, Voice Analysis is a software program that was developed by Robert Loy and Helena Riley. It’s Scalar Wave Technology called Quantum Sound Healing. There are many ways to clear. You can journal, you can intentionally forgive (A Course in Miracles is a splendid book to embrace forgiveness). You can meditate, you can do many things. But for us, we came upon this technology and we tried it. Basically, we’re talking about the chakra system and how the chakras can contain vices and virtues. Everybody has vices in there, because we’d all be having our Kundalini activated and in an ascension mind if that were not the case. So all of us need biological purification and to help with this, they developed the Voice Analysis software over a 40 year timeframe.

They found the sound of your voice, the tone of your voice, contains all the elements of your subconscious mind. When you have a session, we record you saying the 5 vowel sounds and the software analyzes over a billion bits of information in your voice just from that. Then it creates a sound frequency program that you listen to that cancels out the most damaging things that are coming up in your voice, the things that are distracting you, that have you off balance.

The benefits go into the physical as well. The sound goes into your bones. Sound (as opposed to light) is the element that affects physical matter. Sound destroys matter, and it builds up matter. So by developing sound frequencies, it has a whitening effect on the issues that are showing up. That’s why I wanted to talk about this today. It is a process. There is no magical, quick fix to undoing the content of your own subconscious or releasing the stuff that’s been in your mind, body, spirit system for millennia.

Ancestral stuff also comes through from your family. It manifests in your genetic code. In my family, on my mother’s side in particular, there’s a history of depression. There’s a history of poverty, unhappiness and sorrow, and certainly it has made its own thread through my life. And even though I’ve journaled about this and I’ve made progress with it, I still have not achieved the level of joy or happiness that I’d like to feel every day, just because.

So we tried the Voice Code Analysis. We’ve had about five Voice Sessions ourselves now and each time it spits out dominant notes and minor notes that are off balance in us. Sometimes the notes don’t change but by listening to the new voice code twice a day with headphones, you change. Both Ahonu and I have had positive effects. The first time I listened to my voice analysis, I had past life memories surface, past lives I never knew were there. Every one of those past lives was negative. I mean, it was like, oh, my God! I remember after I listened to it, I thought, well, how much shit (for lack of a better word), do I have in here? Am I ever going to clear this?

Change the death consciousness with the voice code from Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

With my 40+ years in spiritual work, doing psychic surgeries and much self-help work, it surprised me that these things were still there, deep in there as memories. Over time, I have periods of joy where I could see holes being poked in all of those memories and light coming in. And then I would dip down into some sorrow again. So, that’s why I’m telling you this Voice Analysis is deep. It’s a mixture of of elation and and dipping down into sorrow again or whatever low level you might be. That can discourage you, but if you just keep listening, and don’t analyze the results, you make fast progress.

You don’t have to do any therapy. You just have to keep listening and let the voice code cancel out those negative frequencies.

Ahonu: Yes, that was one of the key things that I found encouraging about this. In mainstream psychology or psychotherapy, you’re constantly dealing with stuff, rehashing it, mentalising it, analyzing it - none of that is needed - all you do is listen. And when stuff comes up, you basically just let it go. You can mentally forgive it but it’s not necessary. It just comes up, and it’s gone. And that’s a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Aingeal Rose: It’s helpful to say affirmations while you’re listening. Or hum to the sounds when you hear them. Imagine you’ve got your headphones on and you’re just listening to these healing frequencies, and in your mind, you’re saying different affirmations of how you would like your life to be, or what you’d like to let go of, knowing these frequencies are canceling out the old they’re building up the new.

You will be happy to know Ahonu & I offer private Voice Code sessions. If you’d like to just do a onetime session, you still get two sessions for the price of one. And if you don’t want to go any further, you don’t go any further. But we’ve also created a yearly program where you get two voice code sessions each month, plus a 30 minute Akashic Reading with me at the second week to look at how you’re changing, look at what’s going on and discuss anything you may have gone through that you’d like to talk about, or you’re confused about.

This is one of the fastest ways we know to speed up this purification process.

We really want to grow in consciousness. This is a consciousness issue. Everything is consciousness, your memories are consciousness, sickness is consciousness, everything is consciousness. We want to get to a point where we all feel we are well enough to merge with God’s love. We want everyone to have more glimpses of pure love and stay in that glorious state of mind. As everybody knows, we are creating a new world for each other and the old world is dying. It’s another reason I call it the old world the death paradigm. Death is the idea of having to die to ascend.

Ahonu: We’re talking about consciousness and the physical effects on the body and illness and all of that and in the in the light of the last few, year and a half now, with coronavirus, for example, it’s clear that the amount of fear the world went through in that short space of time was extraordinary. Whether you’re pro- or anti-vax doesn’t matter. The fact is, it’s easy to witness the level of fear that’s in people about death, and that’s the primary and important point we’re making.

These frequencies bring up that fear, release it, and help with being immune to the fear of death. It does this in a conscious, wholesome, healthy way.

Aingeal Rose: Listening to these tones, Ahonu had a lot of anger come up that he did not know he had. When it comes up, you recognize it and you go, oh yeah, I recognize that. It is a purification. It’s not all roses and daisies - you have to be of the mindset where you understand what’s going on in this world right now, and the clearing we’re being asked to do, so that we can move into a new world.

Death, and choosing out of that paradigm, by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

I asked Source about this the new world. It isn’t about, oh, great, now I can just manifest all these new ego desires and focus on me. It really is about moving into the magnificence of God’s love. And in God’s love, there is abundance. Naturally, there’s flow. Naturally, there’s kindness, there’s giving, and life is full of synchronicities. We don’t have to work at manifesting anything. Your frequency will match where you want to be. That’s why purifying yourself and letting go of this old stuff just naturally results in a greater sense of happiness and bliss. That’s the new world we’re being asked to create.

It’s not about destroying the physical universe. It’s about having it be a consciousness universe of love, gratitude, appreciation and joy, and that’s difficult for many people to accept. We get it - we’re so used to having to earn everything in this world, struggling, having authority figures tell us what to do, witnessing sickness, death, and struggle all the time. You can see the ego domination everywhere. It’s all about greed, myself. What do I want, what are my desires, what are my needs? And it’s definitely not about love and kindness.

We also see the motivation to propagate that type of thing. We see it in the pharmaceutical industry, the healthcare industry. Keeping people sick can be beneficial from a financial perspective, let’s say. And without going into the detail of that, I know our listeners will understand the motivation behind it, but we’re going beyond it. We’re going beyond it.

Can you feel the magnificence of God’s love? I’m not sure there’s many people who can say they really feel the magnificence of God’s love. If you were in the magnificence of God’s love and you knew you were that, and if you had cleared everything that’s not that, then you would be happy all the time. You wouldn’t have to say, well this will make me happy or that will make me happy. You would just be happy, you’d be in a state of bliss and you’d be looking at everything differently.

I’ve had moments of that. I can’t say that I’m that way consistently, but I’ve had moments of that where you look out the car window, for example, and everything you see is bliss. The trees are bliss. The road is bliss. Dirt is bliss. Children, everything is bliss. What would it be like to be in that state continually? In that state, you’re well and you’re happy and you just naturally are loving and giving. That’s our natural state!

The belief in death is dissolved by love.

Ahonu: This is what we’re talking about here. We are using tools and techniques and mechanisms that will help speed up our spiritual growth - that’s what we’re offering.

Aingeal Rose: Here’s a link to download my book “Love, Miracles & Original Creation” for free. It’s my latest book. It’s a gift for your own information that’s come from the Akashic Records and Source’s definition of these things. So, we’re offering that to you. Get it here:

Ahonu: We’ve also got a link below on a talk about the Voice Code, what it is, how it works, and don’t forget, there’s a video there also about a talk Aingeal Rose gave at a summit on the paradigm split, which we’re in now. The DNA meditation is at the end of that for you to listen to. Get it here:

Finally, there’s another tool that comes along with it, with this Voice Code Analysis software called the Miracle IQube. It comes from the same group of people, Quantum Sound Healing. And it’s a scalar wave device with Tesla coils inside it, and it has about 20 different frequencies to cover everything from wellness to telomeres, to covid protection. It’s got divine bliss in there, focus and concentration, delta waves, lucid dreaming, etc. It has Delta Waves, which we use every night and we have the best sleeps, yeah, and everybody knows you have to be at the level of Delta to have healing occur in your body. If you’re interested in looking at that, you can find it here:

I have been diabetic for about forty years. I’ve never been able to have normal blood sugar. And in the past month, my blood sugar has been normal. And when I say normal, I mean sometimes it’s sometimes it’s 120. But for me, that’s normal, you know, it used to be well over two hundred every day. That was my normal. And since I’ve been listening to these frequencies it’s normal, my blood pressure dropped to normal. I feel stronger. My voice is stronger. I have more energy every day. I can stay up longer. I won’t say everything’s been resolved because I still have some other issues, but I can see the difference and that’s pretty remarkable when you consider that for 30 or 40 years I’ve not been able to get this into balance. But I wanted you to hear this because this is such an important time for purification and we want to give you the best tools we know and really get across how deep the purification has to go in us.

In summary, our biology is based on the death paradigm. But our core self is different. Our core self is love. It’s spiritual. It’s got a consciousness of happiness and joy. And if we’re not experiencing that, we must look to ask why not. If you’re not in the right place in your life, check this out. Thank you.

Ahonu: OK, that brings us to the end. We thank you for reading. We are Ahonu and Aingeal Rose. If anybody has questions, please contact us. We’re happy to share everything and anything we have with you to help in this process. You’ll get hold of Aingeal Rose for Akashic Records readings here or for that Voice Code at

We look forward to hearing from you. With blessings and thanks.

Is Death Real, by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
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