Dancing A Quantum Dream

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Dancing A Quantum Dream is an 80-year journey of initiation, quiet miracles, teaching and shamanic communications!

Aingeal Rose & I just published Dancing A Quantum Dream, a new book by Allen Heart that is a must-read.

Dancing A Quantum Dream

Here is what the author says:

Dancing A Quantum Dream is a commitment I made to Spirit 40 years ago. Back then, Spirit asked me, "Would you dance a new dream for the people?" This book is that realization. It contains my quantum poetry, heart-centered tai-chi, and my connections to the Grandmothers and Grandfathers (who I identify as the Denisovian Shamanic forbears, discovered by the shamanic experiences of a Siberian particle physics scientist and a Siberian medical doctor/psychiatrist).
Amongst much metaphysical teachings and potent new planetary information, it includes Graham Hancock's conversation with Robert Bauval about the purpose of the Sphinx and Pyramids at the Giza complex, and the testimony of Mary Magdalene about the teachings of Jesus. It is all laid onto a background of 80 years of quiet miracles of healing, teaching, and communicating shamanically online and off, on 4 continents. It is Dancing A Quantum Dream!
Dancing A Quantum Dream

If you are interested in Native American Books, the history of Ethnic & Tribal Religions, Native American & Indigenous Peoples Studies, Native American Religions, Shamanism, Tribal & Ethnic Religious Practices, or just United States History in general, then Dancing A Quantum Dream is for you!

Dancing A Quantum Dream

This is a journey across tempestuous seas of mind and ego. The author introduces you to the Grandmothers and Grandfathers who guided his childhood to old age. They discovered the quantum world that our civilization now calls quantum physics.

Dancing A Quantum Dream is a steppingstone on a journey across tempestuous seas of mind and ego in this tumultuous time in the 21st century. Here’s more from the author, Allen Heart:

I will introduce you to the Grandmothers and Grandfathers who have guided and cajoled me each step along the way, from childhood to old age. I suspect they might have once been children in Siberia, perhaps among the inhabitants of the Altai Mountains. They learned and intuited their ways from their elders who had discovered another world that co-existed with our world of time and space.

This other world had different rules—time and space did not exist. Therefore, the other world was forever, had no rules for dimension — no up, down, left or right, no weight or height, no forward or back. These Grandmothers and Grandfathers were able to arrange for me an awesome journey of unexpected deep learning.

The Dreamkeeper spoke to me one morning as I awakened from a deep sleep. I had gotten sick on my way to an art show in Santa Monica, California. After struggling to get through the show, I decided the smartest choice was to return to my home in Denver and create my own version of a sweat lodge—several layers of clothes, crawl into bed under several layers of blankets, and "sweat it out".

It worked! And as I awakened, I heard a voice saying my name. I answered, and the voice asked me, "Allen, would you dance a new dream that the people might live?"

I answered, "Yes… but what does that mean?"

The voice answered, "We will show you."

For the next 30 years or more they have shown me. Dancing A Quantum Dream is the completion of that journey.

Bawaudjigeyaun wae-ondji manitouwiyaun! (—Ojibwe, To dreams I owe the mystery!)

Dancing A Quantum Dream
Dancing A Quantum Dream by Allen Heart is available in all eBook formats.

Dancing A Quantum Dream is available in paperback, hardcover and eBook in all formats and you can find it on Amazon: https://amzn.to/36qGSaF and where all good books are sold.

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