Chaco Canyon Part 3 - On Sacred Ground

Creation Awareness Life 9 min read , May 2, 2022

The craziest events happened the day before we left for Chaco Canyon. It turned out to be the day of the Resurrection. That was bizarre enough, but at five minutes to closing time, getting the last of our provisions before our journey, we found our right rear tire was soft! It was a screw in the tire - was someone or something trying to screw with us?

Trip saved by Discount Tire!
Chaco Canyon trip saved by the great staff at Discount Tire!

We felt the game was on, and the drama was unfolding. We couldn’t have gone across those desert roads into Chaco Canyon with one tire at 19 PSI, but the good guys at Discount Tire stayed back to get our car back on the road again.

Then an email arrived about the history of the Lyran Wars and the reason Lyrans are here on Earth right now. The Native Americans talk about emerging into the fifth world. Of course, the fifth world being the fifth dimension of Tara, where Aingeal Rose and I were married in Ireland, and this fifth dimensional of Earth is Tara, which is connected with Atlantis and Lemuria. There used to be four provinces in Ireland, with the center at Uisneach, where the High Kings were crowned. But then, it became necessary to form a fifth province, centered on Tara. That’s significant because we’re now talking about the fifth-dimensional aspect of Earth, which is Tara, and that Tara connected to us because we were married on the Hill of Tara. So, there’s a lot going on here that’s way beyond our understanding right now. We’re stitching it together. We’re trying our best to make sense of it. It’s an adventure, but it had a tinge of warning about it. We had to be protected and prepared, and we had to go into it with our eyes open and hope we didn’t fail in our mission of forgiveness and resurrection.

Aingeal Rose: Every time I thought of it, I got angry. I was upset about Chaco Canyon because I couldn’t locate a memory of it in any past life. Ahonu wasn’t into it either, at first. He wasn’t driven to be there, but he drove me there!

Chaco Canyon National Historic Park with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
Chaco Canyon National Historic Park Entrance

Ahonu: We knew the Hopi, Navajo and The Zuni emerged out of the Earth, to be in this center place. But we went through the orientation anyway, which we knew would be the typical tourist spin on things. We’ve seen that at various sacred sites where they do their best by giving you an archeological and architectural point of view. But there was something missing in what they told us. There was far more to this place than what meets the eye. The Native American peoples recognize it by saying this is the place they emerged from, that this is the center of their origins. That was my first impression, too. It was the ancient history that was more important for us to understand. I believe genetic experimentation went on here. I’m talking about dinosaurs, and the creation of various kinds of animals, birds and reptiles that were not on the planet before. Chaco Canyon had the energetic support for that kind of creation physics to happen.

Chaco Canyon - a metaphysical adventure with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
Chaco Canyon - a metaphysical adventure with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Aingeal Rose: Aluna Joy talked about when she visited Chaco Canyon. She expected to feel all this energy, but she felt nothing. The elders told her they’d locked down the place. They locked it down to protect humanity from the Dark Age that the world was about to enter way back then. Because Chaco Canyon was a powerful place of instant manifestation, they didn’t want people coming here whose hearts weren’t pure, who still had negative thoughts that would manifest right away. So, they wiped the memory of Chaco and closed it, locked it down, energetically, but there would come a time in the future when it was to be reactivated. She told how it started in 1930, slowly, and then again in the 1950s, and again in the 1990s, and she called it a full-blown activation now. I don’t think it’s fully activated. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing.

Ahonu: There’s more information coming. When an engineer contracts to build a road, there’s no road there already. So, they would probably go out on a horse or a carriage or some way to cross that virgin ground and decide whether the road should turn left here, or avoid that obstacle there, or go around that mountain, or ford that river, or whatever it would need to do. They would go in advance to map out the best route to take and the best way to achieve their objectives. Much like these days, when NASA talks about going to the moon or Mars or wherever, they send a Rover first, because there’s no way that a single person can just walk around and say, hey, look, build the road this way, or here’s the best landing place. In that way, Chaco Canyon is like one of those first landing places for the Lyrans who came in to decide the suitability of the area for their purposes.

Chaco Canyon - Part 3 of Aingeal Rose & Ahonu's adventure of forgiveness!
Chaco Canyon - Part 3 of Aingeal Rose & Ahonu's adventure of forgiveness!

They found this to be a very suitable place to do what they wanted to do, which was to colonize Earth. In that colonization, they needed diversity, and this is where they set up their various biological experiments to procreate life on this planet. The experimentation that took place here obviously squashed our memories, too. It’s why so many of us don’t remember our extraterrestrial origins but in visiting a place like this, it can come back, and that’s what I believe is happening on a collective level, on a global level, and on a universal level. The memory is coming back of our divinity and of our origins, and there’s far more happened here than what we’re told.

Aingeal Rose: Aluna Joy said they knew in the future that this place would come alive again when the time was right and humanity was ready for it. I pulled some Tarot cards on it and I pulled out about ten Major Arcana in a row. It started with The Empress and went on to The Star, and continued with The World. I pulled The World every time I asked about Chaco, which we know in the Tarot is in the Ascension card. It brought a feeling of joy and abundance.

Then, there was the Two of Cups. In that card, there’s a lintel above the couple, and the lentil has a lion carved in it, which was Lyran. We were being guided to this, and after Ahonu had his Quantum Jump, he realized he was part of it, too. The entire area is Hub-Gate Seven, and it’s considered a center.

When I thought of Chaco Canyon, I wondered if there were tunnels underneath? And sure enough, there was talk about the tunnels that possibly connect to the Grand Canyon. Apparently, the tunnels have some sort of mineral to make the walls look starry, like the Cosmos. So, that was another confirmation that this was a place of special interest to the native American Indian tribes.

Chaco Canyon's six pointed star
Chaco Canyon's six pointed star

Ahonu: Chaco Canyon displays the elements of the six-pointed star. You have North, South, East, West, but then you’ve up and down. They recognized the opposites of these polar points, and that it was important to pull all of those back to a center point to achieve balance. Similarly, there are six points in the Merkaba, which is a metaphysical, energetic travel vehicle. When I asked how did these original people get here and where did they go, it’s likely that they were familiar with the Merkaba vehicle to travel. The six-pointed star is also the Star of David.

Inherent in the human DNA is the memory of our origins. Everybody can help, forgive and resolve the issues that happened in the past. But by shutting off that memory in the DNA, they can’t contribute to the resurrection or the ascension of themselves on this planet.

We’ve mentioned the astonishing number of synchronicities surrounding our visit to Chaco Canyon, but there’s a lot more that were forgotten. They seem small, but they all add up. We’d be traveling at 55 miles an hour, the time was 5:55 and we’d have 55 miles to go to our destination. Or, it might be 11:11am and there’s 11.11 miles to go on Route 11. There were too many of them to dismiss. They encouraged us that what we’re doing was right, that we had the support of the angelic realm, and we had the support of nature in going to Chaco Canyon on our mission of forgiveness.

Aingeal Rose: This is my contract, this is what I came to do, and it feels very be joyous to me.

Ahonu: The road into Chaco Canyon was 12 miles of wash-boarded, rough gravel into Chaco Canyon. It’s tough going, but worth every moment. Aingeal Rose and I are now back from Chaco Canyon.

There is peace in the world because there is peace in our hearts. All of us were born with peace in our hearts. We were not born with original sin. We were not born with strife, and conflict, and difficulty, and murder in our hearts. No, we were born with the God-Self in our hearts and that’s what’s clear in Chaco Canyon! It was seeking nothing from us, and we were seeking nothing from it.

There was a center point, there was balance, there was beauty and wonder, there was love there. All that is available to everyone when we come to that center place. There’s no room for conflict in a loving heart. There’s no room for conflict in our world - we manifest it out of our sense of separation. We feel we have to compete, to strive, and to struggle. But the conflict is over. A story explains what I mean.

Tipperary - The Well of the Two Kings
Photographer: K. Mitch Hodge | Source: Unsplash

I was born in Tipperary. Tipperary translates into English as ‘The Well Of The Two Kings’. The two battle-weary Kings came to drink at either side of the well. They recognized that conflict was futile because they weren’t serving their people by being in conflict, that they all had common needs, the need for water, the need for food, and the need for peace. They reconciled right there and then and made peace. In that way, we’re recognizing that the days of conflict are over, the days of separation are over, and we’re coming back together to drink from the same well, and to be at peace with each other.

It is the most beautiful, settled feeling. It’s a feeling of joy, and happiness, and wonder, and forgiveness. We set out with forgiveness in our hearts, and we set out to forgive all those who perceived themselves as conflicting with us, and to forgive ourselves for having gone into conflict with them. There is no conflict, there is only peace. There’s only one heart in the center of our bodies, in the center of our world, in the center of our universe, in the center of all creation and there’s only one loving heart, one loving God that offers eternal love and forgiveness.

That’s what we came to do. That’s the message of Chaco Canyon.

Chaco Canyon visit with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
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