Birth Trauma From Conception To Birth

Creation Life Books Feminine 1 min read , November 19, 2022

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu interview Shirley Ward, the author of 3 books on birth trauma and fractals from the womb. Her website is and her email is

The books mentioned in this video are: Fractals From The Womb:

Healing Birth Healing Earth (US): (UK):

Birth, Earth, Our Future: (US): (UK):

The Quest of the Rose, by Anneloes Smitsman & Jean Houston:

The Embodied Mind, by Thomas R. Verny:

Birth Trauma, by Shirley Ward

In her book series Healing Birth to Save the Earth, Shirley Ward ( speaks in depth about birth trauma and details the conception, gestation and birth of the Universe, planet, ecosystem and humankind; and how education needs to change to accomplish the universal mindset across the globe. She emphasizes we are the creators of all we behold, as our unique journey from conception to birth defines who we are, how we relate to each other, our Earth and our future. Get her birth trauma books on Amazon or visit: View it on YouTube: via @ahonu #conception #birth #trauma #womb #PregnantWife

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